Widthdrawn from auction

  1. Ok, your wondering why i bid. I didn't know it was fake. The seller said they have a receipt to prove it. They emailed me after saying they bought it new with a price tag not congruent to the price of the bag at that time. Ok you may think that not enough to say its fake but does sound fishy.
    She also ask me to pay via money gram to a woman called Mrs Chen (Not the seller name on eBay 'you won' email). Ok still wouldn't suggest that it is a fake bag. I ask for more pictures and she said no. She still claims that it is real. So i decide to get it authenticated and it failed.

    Seller sold Juicy tracksuit which buyer claimed never recieve after 3 weeks and gave a refund. I mean 3 weeks how long should it take from UK add to UK add. she has one feedback and it was negative.

    She emailed me and said if i want to widthdraw thats fine. So i said great i will leave it.

    Weeks pass, i got a nonpayment dispute from eBay saying the seller opened one since i didn't pay!! I wrote back saying that we have agreed to withdraw from the transaction. What do i do now?
    Please help. I can't believe she did that. But now she opened this dispute!!!
  2. anyone help? Is there anything i can do??
  3. I would contact live help. Keep all the emails and tell them the seller asked you to send payment to someone different than the seller. They should be able to help you.
  4. Thank you
    how do i get in contact with live help?
  5. Go to the main eBay page, eBay.com. The link for Live Help is at the top right-hand corner. Good luck.
  6. Thank you
  7. Live help is not available in the uk!
  8. I manage to get some help either way. Aparently it will all sorted. Thank goodness!!!
  9. Glad everything is fixed.
  10. she would have needed to do that to get her final value fee back i believe
  11. Nothing change. I got some nonsense answer from ebay about not receiving the item!?!

    yes, I was told this has to be done to get their ebay fees back. Does that mean i get some kind of restriction on my ebay account? I have a really good reputation on ebay and worried that would change because of this. How long should this procedure take place? Its driving me mad:hysteric:

    Thanks for you help folkes:tup:

  12. This person would need to raise a "friendly" dispute in order to get her final value listing fees back and you would need to respond agreeing with this. You should not get an unpaid strike against your account but if you do not reply eBay will place an unpaid strike on your account. I hope this helps. Good luck - she will now probably re-list the fake again