width of an authentic luco?

  1. I bought a luco tote off ebay and it finally arrived today. It looks like the real deal to me, but for some reason i remembered the bag as being a little narrower in the store.

    The heat stamp looks like the heat stamp in my other bags (text, font style, and Made in USA) and the underside of the D-ring reads SD0053.

    The only thing is that I remembered looking at the Luco bag in NY this summer and I remembered it being very narrow. This is narrow, but a little wider than I remember. I like that it's a little wider, but i want to make sure it's real.

    If you have a Luco bag yourself, can you look at the underside of the bag and let me know how many rows of designs you see? Mine has a center row with the LV alternating with their diamond like shape. And there are two rows above and two rows below with the circle and flower like designs. Not sure if I'm making any sense here, but I just want to be sure that this is the real deal and not a really really good fake.
  2. here's one on eBay from a MPRS seller: