Width of 30 and 35 Birkins

  1. I've been thinking the 35 would be the size I would prefer, but it seems that in a lot of threads lately people prefer the 30. I would use it strictly as a handbag and not a work bag for files and such. I also remember reading that the 35 is substantially wider than the 30. Does anyone know the width of both?

    Also, I know the price of a 35 in Togo or Clemence is around $7,400, but what would the price be in a 30 with those leathers?
  2. Hi Tammy, I posted the dimensions of Birkin & HAC at this post:


    I think Clanalois posted recently that she saw a 30cm Birkin in Togo(or was it clemence?) retail for ~US$6800. You can check out the Hermes Informative Catalog" thread for more information. Hope this helps!
  3. Thanks, Gigi!
  4. As we all said before, 30 is great for a handbag, but the 35 gives more of the look of a tote...more elongated. I am very short/petite and I am sure the 30 would suit me fine, but I like the look of the 35 on all whole as a bag. Guess I might need on of each size!
  5. it all depends on your height
  6. I'm only 5'2", so I'm short, but I'm not real thin like I used to be (alas, the pitfalls of having two children, and reaching middle age!).
  7. I think the ideal would be to try both sizes at the store and see which looks better...and also it depends on your personal preferences, whether your more the ladyish handbag person or a more casual sporty type. In my case, I'm in my forties, I prefer bigger bags more tote like. I have 2 40 Birkins and 1 35 and I'm 5'7. .:biggrin:
  8. The problem is that I'm about 3 1/2 hours away from the store. I went there last weekend, but they had no Birkins to compare. I'm just trying to figure out if I want to change my wait list request from a 35 to a 30. I had so hoped to be able to see one or two while I was there, even if they weren't in the color/leather I wanted, but they didn't have any at all.
  9. Distance is a problem... How about putting your name down for both, a 30 and a 35 ? My local store does it, if you're not sure they will give you several options ( colors, sizes, leathers exc..) Finally, as a last possibility, you could make a model with cardboard or something, taking the measurements that are in the info catalog thread... I know, it sounds stupid, but I have done it when I had no other possibility.. :weird: :biggrin:
  10. What about looking for pics of someone carrying a 35 or asking here? I think in one of the celeb posts somewhere they show Lindsey Lohan carrying a 35 and it looks a little large on her - but it really depends on your preference. I have a 30, am 5'2" (also not as small as before 3 kiddos LOL!) and the 30 is perfect....it's a little heavy, too...
  11. That's not a bad idea, to make a mock-up out of cardboard. I may try that.
  12. Yeah, I'm definitely thinking I would want the 30. And you're saying the 30 is already a little heavy, so the 35 would be even worse.
  13. I think for more petite ladies, the 30 is a good size. Ok, I'm the extreme because I'm really tiny at 4'10" but I tried on my friend's 35cm and it was gigantic, especially because the width of the sides is also bigger. I have a 32cm Kelly and I'm thinking the 30cm would just be perfect for me.

    Here's a link to a Japanese website which shows the different sizes in a person (scroll a bit down the page). I got it from a member "Janissa" at The Fashion Spot Forum.

  14. I f you are hesitant about larger bags don't get the 35...I like a larger bag, chunkier things...some may thing it is silly, but I like that look. If I wanted to be more polished and balanced with my height I probably would go with the 30.

    Also, did you see the thread with the new BJ birkin purchase? She took a pic of herself holding it (body shot) You should see what height she is and weight. She appears thin and fairly taller than us midgets here at 4'10"-5'2"...sorry ladies, but I am short too. I also am not as slim after three kids!!!
  15. Yes, I did notice that picture too. Ah, to be thin again.