widest range and best priced chanel?

  1. hi, does anyone know which country or city has the widest range of chanel handbag or accessories? and where is the best place to get them? i'm so desparate to know cos i'll be travelling around Aisa, Europe, US and Canada at the end of the year, and i want to start planning my trip. can anyone help? thanks.
  2. I think I just responded to you in another thread but I think that Hong Kong and US are the best places to buy.

    Definitely not Canada, as I've heard the prices are considerably a LOT more.
  3. thanks missisa07! i'm glad to hear that hong kong is also one of the cheapest place to buy chanel! it's the first stop of my holiday. will save up for any impulse purchase now and spend them all in hong kong and the US. thanks!