Wider feet :/

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  1. I'm a 7.5 in shoes.. but my feet are a little wider than normal so sometimes shoes are tight! I just got Tory Burch Reva flats and they're definitely the right length.. but the front is a bit tight :sad: I was wondering if there is a way to stretch them out a bit faster than just breaking them in. I have the same problem with a pair of MBMJ flats as well. Anyone else have wide feet issues?
  2. i have the WORST wide feet issues!! I wear a size 9 and so my feet are big to begin with, and they are also wide. After I break-in all my shoes, they are so stretched out from my feet. They look so ugly!
  3. my friend was telling me that shoes can be stretched out at the cobbler. i think i may try that! they're only a bit too tight.. but it's enough to be uncomfy :sad:
  4. I too have wide feet and have tried on Tory Burch Reva's. No dice. :sad:

    I've also tried taking shoes to the cobbler to be widened. No dice.

    Sigh. I'm doomed to a lifetime of Ecco shoes and sneakers.
  5. Yup I've got nearly C width feet and am a size 7 1/2 or 8 so I often have to go up a half size. I had to get an 8.5 in my jimmy choos, and even then they are not super comfortable, bummer.

    I have a couple pairs of TB and am getting hooked!

    Melrose bootie:

    ...and the Jackie patent flats with leopard haircalf instep:

    These are FABULOUS and worth every penny. My feet don't hurt at the end of the day. TB has a nice, wide toebox...bliss!!
  6. :hrmm:
    I have really narrow feet so I am the complete opposite!
    How about just wearing them around the house more so that your feet will get more used to the shoes?

  7. ^^ Well, this works sometimes but usually not. The shoes are either going to be cut properly for a wide foot or not.

    Many many shoe designers cater to average to narrow or super narrow clientele. As someone with wide feet and a fetish for shoes it is incredibly frustrating as well as potentially harmful to feet to wear shoes that don't fit properly.
  8. AGH i have size 9 wide feet too. it is so hard for me to find shoes that are both cute and don't squish my toes together!
  9. I think if I can just stretch them out a little tiny bit I can do it. My feet are wider than average.. but not super wide. I read on a website that if your feet are very close to the size then the stretching can help. I'm going to try it!

    My dad's wife used to tell me if I just wore sneakers growing up I'd have wide feet. I wonder if she was right!
  10. i bought my shoe stretchers at target..i'd leave it on for 2 days and they usually do the trick..
  11. oh, thank you edrine! do you remember where they were located in target.. were they near the shoes?
  12. I bought wooden shoe stretchers on eBay. I think the wood ones are better than the cheapo plastic ones. Worth every penny since I stretch just about every pair of shoes and boots I buy!
  13. what brand of shoe stretcher is it?
  14. i heard wooden shoe stretchers work quite well also.