Wide toe box and narrow heel - what brands?

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    I've started to buy more designer shoes, but my toes tend to be wide while my heel does slip out of pumps. On some shoes the width of my foot is wider than the shoe base, but if I go up a size the shoe is too long. So which shoe brands tend to have a slightly wider toe box but a narrow/normal heel? I know the best thing to do is try on everything, but I wouldn't mind having a few brands in mind to focus on first. I'm also intimidated by the SAs in the department stores and don't want to try on a bunch and have nothing fit so the SA feels like I wasted his/her time.

    I'm also loving all the booties and ankle wrap shoes because my heels don't slip in these. They are so much more comfortable.

    ETA: I just bought a pair of round toe Dior ballerina flats that I think are just right. My Lanvin flats are narrow in the toes but the heel is fine.
  2. I do not have too much experience with them but Taryn Rose is designed by a former orthopedic surgeon so she does not make shoes with super small toe areas. You might want to research them more or maybe someone else knows more about them on here to elaborate.
  3. I have similar fit issues with being wide at the toes and narrow at the heel. Adding pads inside the heel of the shoes can help but here's a list of the brands that I like that fit me well:

    Roberto del Carlo
    Dries Van Noten
    Chie Mihara
    Costume National
    A.F. Vandevorst

    Comfort is very important for me so I never go above a 3" heel and they have to be shoes I can walk in/wear all day long.

    For boots, I really like the following:
    Rocco P
    Marsell (yoox is probably the best place to check out this brand – it's a little hard to find)
    fiorentini + baker
  4. Thanks for the suggestion! She makes some cute flats, but the heels are a bit too conservative for me.
  5. Balena: Yeah, I tried heel pads before that reduced the length of the shoe too much. I might try cutting the heel pads smaller and only attached them to the side and not the back.

    This is a great list, thanks!
  6. Some cheaper brands that I have found to fit well are:
    Delman Mona flats and some heels
    Devotte heels
    Banana Republic (haven't tried any recent collections)
    Skin by Nude
  7. Manolos actually work well for me, that's the highest percentage of high end designer that I have in my closet, so it's probably not an accident! You may also look at slingbacks in various designers, you can get a wider toe box and adjust the back to fit your heel! For slingbacks I have Manolo, CL (only one pair), Jimmy Choo.

    The rest of my shoes are Mary Jane's or ankle strap type so they stay on!
  8. I usually just try to get shoes that are made of soft leather so the toe box will stretch to accommodate my wider feet. I've had some success with Biviels. One I would stay away from in my experience though in Chloe.
  9. You can try Tory Burch Reva's the elastic will help keep them on your feet.
  10. Hi
    I have the same type of feet and found Jimmy Choos, Prada and Giuseppe Zanotti to be the widest fitting in most of their styles (3" across the sole). Manolos and Ferragamos tend to be narrow. If you buy slingbacks make sure they have a buckle to allow to adjust not the elastic that will stretch over time.
    Tell us when you find some!
  11. ^^I love Zanotti, I definitely need to go try some.