wide-leg/trouser jeans on petite girls?

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  1. hi ladies, i've been looking into investing in a pair of wide-leg or trouser-style jeans as i thinkt hey look quite chic. :love:

    however, i'm only 5'2". about 100 pounds with non-existent hips. would i be able to pull these off or should i just give up this style for my body type?:sad:
  2. I think you could, I'm only a little taller than you and I love my wide leg jeans - I don't think they make me look short.

    Being petite the worst mistake you can make is having too much material at the bottom, which really shortens the leg. So as long as they are the right length I think you should go for it!
  3. thanks for the response _x13 :flowers:

    are your wide-leg jeans the type that are quite fitted at the thigh part or looser all throughout and would you mind if i asked what you usually pair them with?
  4. I have one pair that are quite lowrise and looser all over, and another that are high-waisted and tighter to just above the knee.

    Both of them I tend to pair with wedges (lord knows I need the height) and loose tops. Currently have a bit of an obsession with pussy bow blouses and I think they they look great with wide jeans! Just bought these the other day...



    So I tend to wear something like that, and I WOULD wear hoop earrings with them but I look totally stupid. I love the whole 70s vibe though.

    Realise I have totally gone on and on for ages there - oops!
  5. Im short + apple shaped and I find that the wide leg give me more hips, I used them with high boots and tight tops, I actually got inspired by Bilsons pants

  6. Definitely! I'm only 5' and I'm not afraid of wide-leg jeans! Just wear heels and make sure that the wide-leg pants don't have huge cuffs (which will significantly shorten the leg line and make your legs look stumpy). Darker washes are best too and I think they look great with fitted tops (so you don't look like you got swallowed by an outfit that is too big).
  7. Height be damned - wear what you like. I guess I don't care about looking tall... I've always loved the chic, elegant look of wide leg pants with flats, even if it makes me look "short". Who cares.
  8. personally, i'm not petite. but i think smaller/skinny girls can totally rock the wide legged look!!
    rachel bilson is a great example, i attached another picture that i use as "style inspiration"
  9. I think you can, just don't wear the super super wide leg styles.
  10. go for it, just be really choosey on which type of wide leg pants.
  11. as long as it looks good, go for it!
  12. I think it depends on how your body is proportioned. If you are short and have really short legs like me, then avoid the trend. But if you are short and your legs are in proportion to your body, then you can get away with it.
  13. It depends a lot also on the style you buy, and how you pair it, take the olsens for example

    olsen twins (304).jpg
    I like these

    olsen twins (288).jpg
    the top part looks to big


    no comment on these

    Just buy ones that suit your body, I would stay from those that are too trendy.
  14. ^thanks for posting pics and i do see what you mean by way of the visuals on how it can look polished or sloppy.

    my problem is i don't live in the US and hardly any places around here carry designer denim, much less trouser or wide leg styles, so i would probably be buying online and crossing my fingers about the fit :sweatdrop:

    i'm looking at these, i know it's not the best picture but they look like a nice dark wash and have a ten-inch leg opening taken flat on one side. do they look alright from what anyone can see or is that too big?

  15. They look nice! However, may I ask who makes these jeans? I find that certain brands fit better on petites.