Wide Leg Jeans

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  1. I have purchased a couple so far this year but am starting to wonder if they are really still "in" for the upcoming season? It seems like skinnies are still hot but wide legs not so much. I rarely ever see someone with wide leg jeans on here.

    My 7 for all mankind low rise dojos are my fave because the legs aren't exaggerated.
  2. haha I always think the same thing with each pair I buy...I think we're safe for at least another season or two...
  3. They're definitely still in! I think they're taking a cue from the flowy trousers that are hot for this fall season. And even if they weren't "in," I'd still wear them because flowy pants are timeless and very flattering!
  4. They are still in for sure! I have a couple pair that I plan on wearing into fall/winter...
  5. I love my Dittos wide-leg jeans, but have yet to wear them because they are soooo long.
  6. i think they are still fashionable. dojo's are classics!
  7. I think they are definitely still in, especially if the jeans have a slight trouser feel. Also, I think as long as the leg is not a jumbo wide leg, the style can transcend all seasons.
  8. Glad to hear they are still in!!:yes::tup:
  9. I bought a pair from 18th amendment recently and thought they fit like a dream. But realized they really emphasize my crotch area :/ Which means I'm going to have to lose 20lbs before I can wear them.
  10. I just bought a new pairs with 27" leg opening. IMO...It's still in but shifted from jeans to pants. No matter what fashion dictates, I'd still wear mine. It's so comfortable and can be dressed up or down. I don't let fashion rule over me much ^^
  11. Love those! I have both skinny jeans and wide legs and regular styles. I think wide leg jeans look great with a nice, fitted, classic blouse. It would be cute for a casual Friday at work.
  12. I still love my gap wide leg jeans and will be wearing them.
  13. Yep. I'll be wearing my Sass & Bide "Nite Crawlers". Wonderful--they have that relaxed vibe and I like to wear button down shirts with them.

    Go for it!
  14. Just because something is in, doesn't mean you have to wear it. Whatever looks good on YOU will be IN.
    As for wide legs, they're always in style. :yes:
  15. I LOVE the wide leg. I think this look is definitely sticking around. I hope so too, because I just bought a pair of 7 for all Mankind wide leg Ginger jeans!