Wide leg jeans - you dig?

  1. katie-holmes-wide-leg-jeans.jpg

    What do you think of wide leg jeans? Do you already own a pair? With spring here and summer just around the corner I've got to admit that jeans are the last thing on my mind.

    Although I must admit that I'm loving the look on Katie Holmes. :yes:
  2. mm no.. I am not really liking 'dem jeans on katie
    I have yet to find a pair of wide legs that suits me, but I am still trying
    people like victoria beckham rock it so well I am determined to find my 'meant to be' pair!
  3. Not my style. I'm too short to pull it off.
  4. I like trouser style...not overly wide-legged. I have 5 pairs of sfam dojos which I :heart:!
  5. I do! I got a pair the other day.
  6. I Dig! I'm searching for the perfect pair.
  7. I am too short and wide thighed to attempt anything like that! I am not really digging them on Katie either. Wide leg dress pants are cute IMO - but I like fitted jeans better.
  8. I love the trouser jean look. I just got a pair of J Brand Palazzo's and they are so comfortable. They use a blend of cotton and linen which makes them so soft.
  9. not a fan, I find it makes me look extra short and wide. I do think it looks gorgeous on tall, thin women only.
  10. It looks great on Katie, but I personally prefer straight leg or skinny jeans.
  11. I just picked up J Brand's in a wide leg, and they are extremely flattering - not overly wide at all, and fitted just enough in the thighs that they don't look sloppy. I think Katie's are very wide compared to the ones I purchased. I plan to wear mine with cute flats (Tory Burch, Chanel), and make them more casual/chic, well try to anyway haha :smile:

  12. i only have one in a cotton beachy style that i have for years, not on jeans though, never LOL
  13. if i do wide leg pants, i have to do them in a much less structured material than denim. i have shortish legs and absolutely NO hips or but, so wide jeans look disproportionate on me because they hold their 'wide' lines better. i have several pairs of wide-leg linen trousers that i love because they're much more drape-y on me. they're great on some women, though!
  14. i'm still looking for the right pair for me. my thighs are my biggest area and most of the pairs i've tried on weren't flattering. think i'll give the jbrands a shot
  15. Wide-legs are so cute. I own 2 from Express and they are great. Roomy and comfy!