Wide-leg jeans on short people: Yay or Nay?

  1. I love wide-leg jeans, but I am 5'3" (although I wear them with heels). I think they look ok, but I'm not the most objective of viewers. Do you think wide-leg jeans look ok on shorter people? Does it depend on the person's shape? The cut of the pants?

  2. Yay. I am 5'3" but get the most compliments when I wear wide (instead of straight) jeans. I don't wear skinny jeans - they look awful on me. I think they look a little better when I wear a wedge heel though.
  3. i'm a little taller -- 5'5" -- but i wear wide-legs all of the time. i have a pair on right now! i have to wear heeled shoes of some sorts w/ mine though. w/o the height i look a little stumpy. :smile:
  4. I think they look great if they're a darker wash, not tooo wide and worn with a high wedge like Agnes said.

    I would recommend something like 7FAM Dojos:

    rather than something like this, which are so wide they could overwhelm petite legs:
  5. A more mild trouser jean? Great.
    Serious wide legs? No.
  6. i wear wide legs and i'm 5'2''. dark washes look best and i always pair with a heel. i also look best in wide legs that are narrow through the hips and wider at the bottom (like jbrand lovestory), rather than wide down the whole leg.
  7. yay and i am 5'2
  8. My mom wears wide leg pants and looks great! She's 5 feet even. Verryyy skinny legs, but carrys weight around the middle.. (size 6)
  9. Yay. I'm 5' and wide legs work for me. Make sure it's a dark denim, wear heels, and keep the top slim to balance it out.
  10. I think this can work, but would recommend you wear it with heels, and stay away from the pants with cuffs (this will shorten your look).
  11. ITA with keeping the top simple and fitted, dark wash, not TOO wide and wearing high heels with it. If they are too wide they make you look short and stout. :tdown:
  12. Thanks for the tips, everyone! Those Juicy jeans shown above are crazy wide. Would definitely make for some stumpiness on us short people:p

    I like the look of the J Brand Lovestory. Maybe I'll try those next!
  13. I'm 5'4" and just can't do wide leg pants!
  14. I know there is a golden rule about never wearing wide-leg pants unless you're tall, I do not agree. I find that wide leg pants can be extremely flattering on a short person; certainly more flattering than skinnies in many situations!

    I'd say that it probably depends on your body shape, but wide leg pants with a pair of heels looks great as it disguises the heel and makes all that metrial look like your leg LOL
  15. i think it depends more on body style than height