Wide-footed girls: where do you get cute AND comfy shoes?

  1. Hi! Unfortunately, I have bunions on both of my size 6 feet....plus I was blessed (cursed?) with naturally wide feet even before I developed bunions in my teens. Problem is, I love, love, LOVE beautiful shoes and would have a closet-full of them if I could find some that were both cute AND comfortable. Very few talented shoemakers provide wide width versions, and the ones that do are, well, fugly and orthopedic-looking.

    I've tried Zappos and even the wide widths there are still too narrow. Or, the leather is too stiff. Or, they're cheapie looking. Sigh. The only brands I've had some success with are Kenneth Coles (who makes lots of square-toed shoes) and Sudini (makes great wide width boots). Can anyone suggest others? I'd love to be able to wear pumps and wedges without needing painkillers....
  2. i have wide feet too. i get any shoe that'll fit and i use my heated show widener. i'll take pics later tonight and post them
  3. Super wide feet here too. I generally wear 6.5. I've found that mules tend to be a little wider than other types of shoes. Odd, I know. I have the best luck with suede Pradas with a kitten heel. The suede is more forgiving than regular leather. I have multiple pairs in different colors and styles. I do have a wooden shoe stretcher as well for other shoes that are too narrow (I bought it on eBay).
  4. Wide feet checking in as well. There's always Easy Spirit or Aerosoles when all else fails. Sometimes you can find random cute stuff...I think Ferragamo makes shoes in all different widths...but I haven't had the chance to go try any on yet. I have a pair of flat suede Gucci boots that aren't that narrow and are pretty comfy...I've been meaning to try on more of their stuff too.
  5. Stuart Weitzman (sp) & Cole Haan sell shoes for us girls with wide feet that are pretty nice!
  6. I broke my foot in about 8 places about 10 years ago and had multiple surgeries, now I have to wear wide width shoes because if they are the teensiest bit confining, my foot wants to scream in pain.

    So, one shoe is too big and one feels ok. When I find a pair of shoes I like and that fit ok I end up buying like 3 or 4 pairs at a time.
  7. I have wide feet, and honestly, I just suffer... I figure I'm not going to do a hell of a lot of walking in stilletos anyhow. (Of course, this might explain why I've ended up with really ugly toes, but whatever... :lol:)
  8. I've found the same thing! I have a couple super-comfy suede mules too! (wedges)
  9. I just bought my first pair of Guccis (Montana boot with 1 1/2 inch heel) and they're in a 6.5 (I normally wear 6 but they're just not wide enough). Even though they're a TAD long, they are juuuust wide enough and have begun to stretch a bit too. So, YAY!!! I think I'll have to keep Gucci designs in mind going forward!
  10. Jadore -- thanks, I'll keep those in mind!

    Nancy, Donna, Vanessa -- thanks for chiming in. Funny the lengths we will go to get comfortable AND pretty shoes!