Wide-foot CL Newbie's search for the perfect 1st pair of CL...

  1. Hi ladies, so I went to Barneys today thinking that I am gonna find that perfect pair of CL. Well, I was first distracted by a pair of lanvin flat at Barneys that is on sale. Normally I would not spend $550 on the simple ballet flats but since they are on sale and I do want a pair of black flats so I had to get them.

    And of course, I tried on more CL shoes. As most of you recommended many CL shoes need to go half size bigger than usual, well, I wear US 7 most of the time so I figure 37.5 in Cl may fit....I actually saw the suede lady gres in green on sale and LOVE them, but 37.5 actually was too big (long). So for lady gress I may actually need a 37 (but they don't have that size). Another sale pair I love was the Bunny, but this style has very narrow cut, I found a pair of 37.5, width-wise it may stretch after a few wear but the shoes (esp the left one) are too long for my feet! My left foot kept coming out....

    Ok, so since those on sale shoes don't work, I also try on N. Prive (pretty black patent leather) and O My Sling (electric blue!!!) both in 37.5. Both styles seem to have perfit width and length for me in 37.5 BUT the elastic is way too loose esp. for the N Prive style! The SA said I can have a cobbler to cut and make the elastic shorter for a perfect fit....has anyone got that done before?? I also tried on Very Prive in 37.5 (again, too long and doesn't hold my heel thought the width is fine) and 37 (the width is too narrow for me....). So far my conclusion is I need to get sling back styles with elastic so at least I can get that shortened....pump style maybe just too long (or too narrow if I go 37..), except that 37 in the lady gres style may actually work....that would be my dream shoes.

    Now I am also thinking about this pair....does anyone have these? How's the fit, are they also cut narrow? Should I go 37, 37.5 or 38??

    BTW, I have yet to find the other 2 styles recommended by a few ladies here, simple pump and architek to try on!
  2. Hi there, in your other thread I might have mentioned we have very similar problems with sizing. I believe we are practically foot twins with the exception that I suspect your feet are slightly shorter and wider than mine whereas mine are slightly longer and narrower than yours.

    I have tried on all of the shoes you mentioned. I think you will be okay in a 37 in the Lady Gres. I find it to be a little wider than the Very Prive. I have the Numero Prive in a 37.5 and it is okay width wise and lengthwise, but the strap does feel a little lose. I just use strips to keep them on. You can try heel liners/pads for pumps. I think you will be okay in a 37.5. However, if you do find the architeks people find them to be wider than the No. Prive, so you might have to go with 37. As far as the Super-T, the shoe in the picture you should be okay in the 37.5 and 38, but the caveat with the 38 is, it might be too long. I did not find this shoe in the 37.5 to be too narrow and I could barely tell the difference between this size and the 38.

    I am surprised that you did not see the simple pumps at Barneys. They do have them. You can find the Architek's at Saks, Saks.com and nm.com. Good luck!
  3. ^ thanks lavenderice for your advise! I finally ordered the super t shoes in 37.5, I think 38 maybe too long for me (sold out now anyways) and 37 is probably too narrow at the toe area. I really hope this style will work. Would 37 be too small/tight for me??
  4. It sounds like 37 in most sizes for you are too tight, so I think the 37.5 Super T will be okay. The straps are thicker and adjustable as compared to the No. Prives you have tried on previously. If they do not work out you can always return them and find another pair to build your collection with.

    I forgot to mention, in case you do find the Simple Pump the cut is similar to the Miss Bunny, so how the Miss Bunny fit on you is how the Simple Pump will fit as well.
  5. how's the width of super t compared to n. prive? Also, if simple pump has the same cut as miss bunny then I may need to go 37.5 but I may also find the shoe being too long that my heel might come out again as I walk.
  6. I have horrendously wide feet and the simple pump are perfect for me. Try to avoid sizing up-- the kid leather stretches out fairly well.
  7. i have really wide feet and find that the mimolette pump (i got it in 70) works perfectly. for me, when i 1/2 sized up in the simple pump, it was a little loose at the back since it was too long but since the mimolette is cut less round and a bit more triangularish (less roomy in front), sizing 1/2 up allowed it to fit in front and behind.
    did that make any sense?
    i wore it for approximately 6 hours last night (tons of standing) without much problem..