Wide flat feet... Does this work for rockstud?

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  1. I'm getting my first pair for Mother's Day, I love all the flats and heels and will be happy with any pair. I'm just wondering if any of you ladies have the same feet problems as myself, I have wide flat feet. If you do could you post a pic of your shoes on and the let me know the comfort level please. If you have multiple pairs which works best for your feet?? Thanks so much!!
  2. Well I guess nobody has horrible feet like me 😂
  3. Sorry I couldn't comment but I would ask same. However as I have problems with my feet I have to wear boring supportive shoes so would never try rockstuds ( I make up for it with bags ) ��
    Can you try some on in a store?

  4. I have quite a wide feet too but arched though. I still find 4 inch heel comfortable. If I would rank the 3 most coveted designs, 1 being the most comfotable, it will be the kitten (2" heel), then the 4 inch heel & the last will be the flats. I think the flats will give me blisters even if I size up. The flats is not for me...
  5. I'm not sure if my feet are exactly flat, but I have Valentino Rockstud heels - the higher ones - and the sneakers, and they both are extremely comfy, especially comparing them to other designers :smile:
  6. The flats are supposed to be the least comfortable, and the most probably the kitten heels, I hope that helps a bit!
  7. Interesting comments! I have quite wide feet but normal arches, and I think the flats are fine. The caged flats were more comfortable than the plain ones because you could size up, but the straps would keep them on your foot. I got the plain ones anyway because I thought the cage made my already short legs look stubby.

    For comparison, I think Nicholas Kirkwood Beyas are much more comfortable, but Louboutin Anjalinas were unbearable.

    Here's a terrible photo in bad lighting. Haha, I think I have a fin tan line from snorkeling!

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  8. Thank you everyone!! I will go try them on in store... I just wanted some insight since trying them on is different from wearing them for a few hrs ☺️ But I could always get a pair just for nights out and throw my tieks in my bag. They are too too beautiful 😁
  9. This response might be too late now but Valentino love latch flats are great for wider feet. I find that that are slightly wider than rockstud flats.