Wide feet gals

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  1. What’s your favorite shoe brand? I used to wear a 7 1/2 medium width but I had a baby and now wear a 8 wide! I find it hard to find comfy and cute shoes, help!
  2. I'll join...
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  3. I don't wear wide size but my meet are on the wider side. I like Born. And more recently I got two pair of Clarks that are comfortable.
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  4. Yes! I had those brands too for when I used to work a job where I’d travel a lot. Super comfy
  5. What kind of shoe/price are you looking for? I have pretty wide feet so I feel your pain. My favorite brand for flats is Tieks. Super comfortable and come in a ton of colors and patterns.
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  6. For a comfy everyday shoe I'd pay $300. I've never heard of this brand but will look it up.
  7. at bit OT but I have a question for you wider footed women. have your feet spread? I have two pair of the same style of Born sandals. I bought the second pair because I liked the style and it was comfortable. I wore them for one or two seasons (don't recall). Now they hurt. The front part where my toes are seems to narrow. My other shoes still fit me. These are uncomfortable to the point I don't even wear them to go out for a couple of hours for dinner or whatever.
    anyone else experience anything like this?
  8. If it is leather it could be the case that it shrunk. It happens often if shoes are not worn at regular intervals. I strained mine and it was ok again.
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  9. I guess....but both pair?
  10. If they are the same...
    You could try do wide them or bring them to a cobbler to do it.
  11. tried stretching them but the back stretched and the front was still uncomfortable....I could take to cobbler but I have some other sandals that have pretty much replaced them....shame though, the blue ones are pretty and didn't get worn much
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  12. I always turned my nose up at Clarks. Thought it was kinda old lady/comfort shoe brand. But I got these sandals in taupe and liked them so much I got another pair in black. I wear them a lot and get a lot of compliments on them.
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  13. What kind of shoes are you looking for?

    For casual sneakers, there’s Golden Goose and Adidas UltraBoost which I found very comfortable (I have bunion too which makes my wide foot extra wide).

    For flats, Miu2 I founds are very forgiving.
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  14. Hi what style for work or daily wear do you have ie .. stilettos wedges high block or flats ? Makes for wide fit would be helpful , i have terrible feet uk size 4 with large bunions angled toes , my problem is i have worn high heels daily for work and now i struggle with any general width fit but squeezing my feet in until shoes stretch seam my only option ! Sharon .
  15. For a weekend/after work/casual shoe I love Skechers Women's Go Walk Joy Walking Shoe in Wide Width. Still looking for something nice enough for the office.
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