Wide Feet & COACH shoes

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  1. For those of you who have wide feet how do you like the flip flops and shoes? I don't have really wide feet but they are wider than normal. I know I can't wear the flats, they fit but they start to hurt after awhile. I want the new "Dorra" flip flops. Anyone have any comments on how these fit?? Thanks!
    Flip Flops.jpg
  2. I'll be watching this thread.. right now the only sandle that fit me were some platform sandles that have a thong on them and I remember that b/c of where some of the thong sandle parts end up being on the foot, I couldn't get the foot into them at all (leather also is more forgiving - it'll stretch)
  3. I did try them on and they fit, but I was wondering if they are comfortable and will they stretch?
  4. i want those really bad but i'm worried that they'll get dirty quick and it wont clean off well but i dont know?
  5. is the thong made of leather? otherwise, I don't think it'll stretch as much as you'd like without causing fatigue to the material.
  6. I was wondering the same thing about the flip flops, and also the flats. I bought a pair of signature ankle boots and they were way too narrow for me, unfortunately....
  7. I tried these on the other night at Loehmanns in my size. I have come to the conclusion that I have to go up a size in coach shoes most of the time.
  8. I swear Coach is the only brand where I have the opposite problem -- I have huge feet (10's), but apparently a regular width in the front and my heels are narrow - I walk right out of most Coach shoes - have tried going down to a 9.5 and they are too short - I can't wear any of the cute flats! I can only wear the open sandal styles.
  9. I know that their sneakers are really narrow and their flats pinch me too. I can wear their sneakers, have yet to find flats that fit. Their wedges fit about the same as the sneakers.
  10. I have a pair of havannahs that seem to be working well even though I have wide feet. I think the sandals are much easier to fit into than anything that's closed in on the sides.
  11. I don't know about these sandals but I don't think they would work for my wide feet. I bought the janelle flats and had to return them because I normally wear a 9 and they were way too long.. I was walking out of them.. so I ordered an 8.5 and they were too small.. to me. Not very comfy... but cute. I am going to keep trying. haha.
  12. I have a hard time with Coach shoes as well. In the sneakers I wear a 9 but I wear an 8 1/2 in heels with a strap. If it's a sandal without a strap I will walk right out of it. I even tried an 8 and it is still wide, but then too short.:shrugs:
  13. One thing I've noticed about Coach flip flops is that the toe part tends to not be that wide-at least on me & I have a regular sized foot. It always seems like my pinky toe is hanging off. I've bought & sold 2 pairs of Coach flip flops on ebay b/c of that. Most of the rest of their shoes fit me fine-the sizes are a little weird, but I can usually wear them.
  14. I am so glad I'm not alone! I have two pair of tennis shoes that are really too tight to wear for long because of my wide feet. I wanted to get the flats that are in the store now in khaki/pink (Janelle's?) but they just are too narrow. I was thrilled that the footbed on the sandals seems to be a bit more rounded than it has been in the past few years.

    I don't know if anyone else has seen them yet or not but we got in the Rikki sandals earlier in the week. They are jelly sandals in magenta, bronze, or black. They are jelly with a dogleash on the top for decoration. The magenta has legacy stripe on the footbed and the other two have a signature fabric. I didn't try these on but they are SO cute!!!
  15. I have seriously small feet, but I do fit some 6 1/2 shoes. I remember my mother and I going to like, 3-4 stores to find me some sandals (not Coach), and all of them were too wide/big. I did try on the Sari sandals at Macy's and they fit pretty well. I end up not buying it since they looked bad on me.

    I want the Rumor sandals but it looks like they won't be available in stores? Coach.com removed the "Store Pickup/Find Item" link and that upsets me. I was hoping I can try them on at Macy's. Oh well, I hope they get them anyway, even though their Coach shoes are usually bleh. I was hoping I could some sneakers that doesn't have that ugly pink/peachy shoelaces.

    I remember seeing my little brother's ex-girlfriend having the brown/khaki sneaker, I wanted to ask her where she got it but my brother was an idiot I couldn't ask her.

    I just hope they fit. For $98 that's one hell of a deal for a Coach shoe, I'd say.