Wide calf boots

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  1. Does anyone know a place or a website that sells wide calf boots. I can never wear boots up my knees because I can never zip them up. Or I can't put my skinny jeans in them :sad: Anybody have suggestions?
  2. I am interested to as I have a 16inches montrosity of a calve..or a cankle *sigh*
  3. I have a semi cankle....if that makes any sense. I just have athletic short legs....big sigh :shrugs::shrugs:
  4. I haven't personally bought any, but I work in the footwear industry and have heard good things about this place:


    Also, if you google "wide calf boots", you will find quite a few websites that sell these now. Even on Ebay, there are quite a selection.

    Also if you can find a really good cobbler, you can usually have boots altered. If you pick a classic style that won't date too quickly, it is worthwhile trying to do this. A good leatherworker can usually add an extra panel of leather along the inside zip area. It won't be cheap and you need to pick a simple style of boot for this to work, but I have seen it done successfully. Slim legged girls can have boots taken in too.
  5. oscarlilytc- do they sell to US????
  6. ^^They do sell to the US. Also, check Zappos, they actually have a good range of wide-calf boots.
  7. There are several threads on this, the one that deals with all kinds of wide calf boots (not just over the knee) is this one: Calling all ladies with athletic calves RE. boots There are lots of different brands posted in there.

    I just discovered JCrew boots, and I love them.
  8. I recently found a great company that specializes in wide calf boots and they are located in the US - http://www.Widewidths.com. It sure beats having to pay for shipping all the way from the UK from Duo! They carry really beautiful styles that are great for big calf women and since I have a 19" calf, I was thrilled to find them. I got a gorgeous pair of high heel boots Maryland http://www.widewidths.com/maryland.html and I am waiting for my second pair to arrive this week which are a pair of low heel riding boots. I had to call them for advice and the people on the phone are really helpful.
  9. I too have wide calves but I find on all the "wide calf" boot sites, the boots aren't anywhere near as trendy and fun as the boots I see in other stores.... and jcrew, is it me or do they not post the width of the extended calf sizes?
  10. I never knew I had wide calves until I couldn't fit them into some boots :lol:

    I just measured my calf at the widest point with jeans on and now I know how big of an opening I need, which is usually 15".

    I have seen some websites that carry widecalf boots only. I know Naturalizer usually has extended calf sizes as well.
  11. JCrew has it, when you're looking at a boot, you have to click on size charts. The extended sizes are listed as EC and then the style name.
  12. I went to Lane Bryant with my mother the other day. And since they have plus size clothes I tried on there boots to see if they fit. And they did! Maybe even a little big! And the best thing was that they were 40% off so that made them only 39.00!!!
  13. Oh this is a great thread! My roommate has been complaining about not being able to find boots that fit her calf. I will refer her to these websites! Thanks! :biggrin:
  14. ^ I'm so checking out the OTK boots... i really want a pair but most are too difficult to pull on!