1. Has anyone seen the musical? How is it and has anyone watched it at the pantages(is that how you spell it?? i have no idea) in LA? Are orchestra seats really necessary?
  2. I watched it in NY two years ago and it was really fun! I like it better than the book.
  3. I don't think there is a need to spring for orchestra seats...the show is pretty larger than life. I always get the cheap seats...a true New Yorker thing I guess.
  4. I loved it! Can't help you on seats though...I dont' know how that theatre is set up.
  5. I saw it a few years back the night after Idina Menzel won the Tony. LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!! And yeah it really doesn't matter where you sit for that one.
  6. I read the book in high school and couldn't keep up with the ending (got a bit too poetic for me) I really like it nonetheless. I caught an airing of it in the middle of a soap opera one afternoon. It was really weird so I'm not exactly sure what my tv was doing because it kept switching between wicked and some soap opera so I don't know if it was within the soap opera or what..but I really enjoyed what I saw!
  7. I saw it in LA and loved it! Personally, I like to sit close so I wanted to orchestra seats.
  8. Definately worth it! I've actually seen it 12 times, yes I know, a bit obsessive but I love it! :love: I'm lucky to be in Chicago where it will hopefully never leave! I personally think Orchestra seats are where you have to sit. You definately get the full effect.
  9. I saw it in LA and loved it. I would get the orchestra seat, especially since you can get them half off through Ticketmaster.
  10. I saw it at Pantages and the place is huge. I would get an Orchestra seat.
  11. I liked it a lot the first time I saw it. As long as your cast is strong, you should really enjoy it! I always spring for orchestra seats... I generally don't enjoy theater as much if I'm up high, I feel more removed and distracted if I'm in the mezz or balcony. Plus, I don't know how it is in LA, but orchestra seats pretty much are the same price as the mezz and front balcony now, so why pay the same for sitting higher up!
  12. I've seen it twice in Boston and love it! I didn't know much about it and it really is a story with a touching meaning...I loved it!
  13. My sister saw it and loved it. I want to see it because I thought the book was awesome!
  14. I saw it from front row dead center. It was amazing.

    Here is a little not very known tidbit.

    2 hours before every show they do a lottery for the entire front row. And the best part is the seats are only $20.00

    There are usually 100-200 people there trying. I think there are 26 seats in the front row. It took us 7 tries before we had our name called.

    And after the lottery if they have other seats available they will offer them up for 1/2 price.
  15. I got tickets to see it for Christmas and I loved it!!! It's amazing, better than I thought it would be. It really touched me. I really want to go see it again.