Wich zippy organizer would you choose?


Wich zippy organizer?

  1. Epi

  2. Monogram

  3. Groom

  4. Damier

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  1. I really want a zippy organizer, it is such a good travel thing to have, but I don't know wich one to choose..

    EDIT: BTW, if you choose Damier, should it be azur or ebony??

    EDIT #2 : My luggage are all monogram Canvas, if that should have any inflence!
  2. i choose damier!!!
  3. Azur or ebony?
  4. I would choose the Damier Azur.
  5. AZUR!!!!
  6. Go for the groom. It is limited edition and there are only a handful left in the stores. I love this guy and would love to find one too.
  7. Epi, because it's so classy and gorgeous! It would look great with all of your monogram pieces too if you get it in a color like red. Oooh it would look beautiful!
  8. monogram
  9. I voted for epi, it's sophisticated and durable.
  10. I will vote for Multicolore as it is more colourful and special and not seen oftenly.
  11. Do Vuitton make a zippy organizer in MC?? I thought they only made a zippy wallet in MC!!
  12. My vote is for the Groom! Love it!
  13. Groom without a doubt, LE and it is so cute and fun. Plus it is monogram and goes with many bags. I just love him!
  14. I voted classic. Will complement any of your bags without a worry.
  15. You are right, they made only the "normal" zippy in MC.