Wich phone should i buy?

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  1. I am stuck between two cell phones. I've been eyeing the Sony Ericsson k800i and it has spectacular features. I have the k750i now and i like it's functionalety and functions but it's quite boring. I love the fact that is has a 3.2 megapixel camera but i'm not sure if it really gives great pictures. I am also worried about the sofrware problems and the problems with the joystick. I also like the samsung e570 wich is a so calle ladyphone it has really cute extra's, an nice looking menu and a nice design but only has an 1.3 megapixel camera. i am worried this phone might look childish or tacky on me.

    Help! wich one should i buy?


  2. i love the pink one.
  3. I like the k800i!
  4. My vote is for the Ericsson as well
  5. i like the flip phone!
  6. Hi there,

    I'd go for the k800i if I had to decide between those 2 phones. I'm not a big fan of Samsung and their software. :sweatdrop:

    My SO used to have the K750i and now is using the K800i. He absolutely loves it and never had any problems (He had joy stick problems with his K750, sent it to Sony and got a new one within 2 days, their customer service is really good)

    As for the pictures, judge for yourself:


    I think it makes great ones, considering it's a just "phone cam" :yes: It can def. compete with my Ixus V2 bought about 3 years ago.

    (Btw, thats not me behind the horse, but the old lady who was selling it :p )
  7. I vote Sony too!
  8. I like the pink one too!
  9. Sony is better feature-wise, and is no slouch in aesthetics. Choose the Sony, no doubt.
  10. i would get the sony.
  11. It depends if your purchasing upon looks or features.

    For looks, I'd say the Samsung. I love the pink, and flip fones.

    But as for the SE K750i It's more for feature wise.

    If you are into the features, they have other ones that are good on looks and features.


    SE W830i > 1.3MP, Walkman, Music player, FM Raido, 3G video call,


    Samsung D900 in Wine Red > 3.2 MP, MP3/Video Player, 3d stereo speaker, TV output, document


    SE K550i in Pearl White > 2MP, MP3/Video player, Video recorder,