Wich colour quilted Bay are you going to buy??

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  1. I'm not in the market for any more Medium Quilted Bays - having already amassed a ridiculously large collection of them in Noir, Blanc, Jade Patent, Moka, Argent and Pigalle ( photos of my Quilted Bay family can be seen on the 'All About The Bay' thread).

    It goes without saying that this I absolutely :love:adore:love: this style of bag, but just wanted to throw in my opinion about sizing. I tend to cart a huge amount of stuff around with me daily and find the Medium Bay to be the perfect size for all my things. It's large enough to hold all my bits and pieces , comfortable enough to be worn on the shoulder even when it's full to the brim ( even better when the wide leather handles soften up) and style-wise, I really:nogood: don't :nogood:think it looks TOO big even on someone like me ( 5ft 4in )...I'm quite suprised that some of the TPF girls think the medium size looks like 'luggage'.

    But speaking of 'luggage', I actually bought a Large Quilted Bay in the Sacoche winter sale. I had never seen it IRL and got a terrible shock when it arrived:wtf:. It was E-N-O-R-M-O-U-S. It really did look more like a weekend holdall than a handbag and really looked weird :s being carried by a relatively small woman like myself. It was also really unwieldy to carry on the shoulder because it was so long and jutted out on each side, so I seemed to bang into people and objects every time I turned around.I knew I'd never use it, so it went straight back by return post.

    IMO if anyone is thinking of purchasing the Large size, try and take a look at it in IRL first, rather than just buying it from a website sight unseen.
  2. IMO if anyone is thinking of purchasing the Large size, try and take a look at it in IRL first, rather than just buying it from a website sight unseen.[/quote]

    ITA, I am not tall either (165 cm), but I just love the size of the regular Quilted Bay!:heart: It is both good looking (not too big at all, and I don't think it's very heavy either, but then it's probably because I have to carry my three-year-old daugther often enough, mind you, she is heavy!:graucho:) )and so practical (once I've learnt by the fab susieserb to always keep the bag open!:P) I am lusting for more.... either black or a light colour like ivory or a nice fun colour.... but will have to wait some time... Meanwhile I carry the moka with pride and joy!:jammin:
  3. The Bay has been made in two different shades of grey ...'Argent' which is a dark metallic grey and 'Elephant' which is a lighter shade. They used to have the Elephant colour in the Large size on Net-a-Porter, so if you take a look it might still be there.
  4. Bal, am I going mad:nuts: or is this the second time you've purchased a Moka Quilted Bay ? Did you have one and then sell it, or have I completely lost my marbles ( a strong possibility:s !) ???
  5. I have a black bay in regular size that i love... It is so practical, roomy and sturdy... i am not afraid to carry it when my children are around, it is raining or I am going out.... and it is such an eye-catcher... it has received plenty of compliments from total strangers, from the leather to the pockets...
    I am on the strictest bag ban for the foreseeble future.... but if I were to buy another bay, i'd chose the new small moka version from NAP (small tote http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/30466) ... i love zips...
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