Wich colour quilted Bay are you going to buy??

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  1. I'm looking for the Quilted Bay BOWLER...
    does anyone know about the pre-order of that?
    price and colors available?!

  2. Hey!! Mine has come today as well. not having seen them IRL I was surprised how creamy it looks ,don't know why they call it white coz it definitely isn't.That may be better though coz it probably won't show the dirt so much. :yahoo:
  3. pics pics pics! ;)
  4. Where did you order from?
  5. Hi Not very good with pics but here goes.


  6. Harvey Nichols rang me to let me know they had come in.
  7. Thanks for the pics! It's beautiful, you totally deserve your own thread for it!
  8. Lilac that is beautiful! Fabulous. :yes:
  9. :nuts: Stunning!!! Beautiful!!! :yahoo: :love:

    You should start your own thread, the pics will be lost in this one :yes:
  10. thanks for the pics lilac - now at least i have an idea of proportions. are there only 2 sizes - is the medium same as the regular ? am thinking of order from lvr but not sure if that's the same one you have ?
  11. Hi Yes I think the medium and the regular are the same one. I wouldn't want it any bigger and I'm quite tall. LVR told me the Blanc was only available in the medium but maybe that's just from them.
  12. anyone have thoughts on the new SS08 vermillion in the quilted bay? it looks orangish-red IRL, but i'm also waitlisted for a rebecca minkoff MAM in tangerine. too similar? thoughts?
  13. Oooh the blanc is TDF!!
    I have a patent noir, but yes the vermillion looks soo pretty!!
    I would love to get a paler colour too, not sure which colour atm though!