Wich colour quilted Bay are you going to buy??

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  1. I love both the black and moka....tough decision!
  2. I am waitlisted for the white/cream but I might change to the black...just a bit worried its going to get soooo dirty (esp living in London)
  3. So many are waitlisted now :smile: - Hope to see LOTS of pictures soon :yahoo:
  4. The orange is stunning irl....
  5. I'm loving the cream but dont know how practical it would be.... oh when did that ever stop me.. im still using my vanilla paddington and that holds up ok!
  6. [FONT=&quot]if I were to purchase, I would want to find it in black[/FONT]
  7. I'll have a black b/c I don't any black at the moment :smile:
  8. I really need to see it IRL to decide first - unfortunately thats going to be a wee while away before they are back in stock
  9. I agree. Saw it again last night at a local shop called CUSP and the regular size tote it just TDF. I pointed it out to my husband who said, "you have a Chloe bag, why do you need another?". Silly, silly man. :greengrin:
  10. Oh yes...Why do you??? :roflmfao:
  11. I have waitlisted the moka, or so i hope. my neiman SA says that i am the first and only on the list (suspicious) and she doesn't have a ship date. please please please let it all go well.
  12. kathleen, they have the moka and ivory at the chloe in south coast plaza, if that helps you any if you're stressin out about it. the black has a waitlist though. I called nm today in newport and the said they were only ordering one in each color, so i understand your concern. good luck!

  13. Hahah! Yours is funnier than mine! I was talking to my bf about the quilted bay and he said "won't it just be out (of style) in a month?" then he said "will not comment about bags." :roflmfao: He has no idea I intend to buy a quilted bay, I just won't show him any pictures and then he won't know what it is when I'm carrying it around. :P

    Also...Argh! Hopefully I can preorder one tommorrow, my frig-fraggin balance transfer (to save interest) is taking FOREVER!!! :hysteric:
  14. I think I am going for black...will probably pre-order from LVR as the exchange rate means it is slightly cheaper than buying it in the UK
  15. If you don't mind me asking.. where did you order from and total price? :smile:
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