Wich colour quilted Bay are you going to buy??

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  1. I'm in for the black :yes: - How about you??

    And do post pict. when you get yours!! Please!! :drool:
  2. Great thread Cilifene :graucho:

    I am going for the white - its so gorgeous :love::love::love:
  3. White, just like Kylies! xx
  4. yep, another white lover here lol. Although the tanny creamy colour looks devine too :biggrin:
  5. whiskey!
  6. Black!
  7. 3 White
    2 Black
    1 Whiskey

    I wonder if white will be the most sold colour :P
  8. Call me a kook but I saw the orange (regular) IRL today and I loved it. But the black is pretty fierce, too.. too many choices!
  9. definitely a white & a black
  10. Was it Cannelle you saw?? ...this one:

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  11. I cannot decide! Black or Moka? But I love the Camel too :shrugs:
  12. black!!!
  13. like that cannelle!!!!!!!!!! but black is the classic choice. such a hard decision :>
  14. Definitely the black!
  15. I looked at all the tags for correct colors and the Chloe tag actually said Orange. Could your photo be the Whiskey? Someone else mentioned wanting it but I hadn't seen one IRL....
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