wich collor Uggs?


Surprisingly Content
May 14, 2006
I have black, sand, and chestnut all in the classic short (I also have chestnut in the sundance and the coquettes in the sand). I go back and forth on which is my favorite - sand or chestnut. The black fur isn't as soft as the fur used inside of the other types of uggs - and there are dye issues. Plus being leggings and black straight-leg pants are so in, wearing the black uggs with the black leggings makes the black uggs pretty much invisible. Right now the chestnut is my favorite - mainly because it never really looks dirty, whereas the sand always do - and I wash mine once a month/once every other month with Ugg cleaner AND use the protectant spray on all of them. Sand just always look dirty.

I'm planning on ordering uggs from UGG Australia - setting the standard in sheepskin footwear doe anybody has expereance with this site?
I've ordered a pair of ultra black shorts from them (returned em because I didn't like the shape - they were great with both - quick shipping and quick refund processing), my chestnut sundance, and just earlier today a pair of the classic short in the burnt olive. I love their site :love:


Dec 13, 2006
Black,Chesnut or Sand i got the lilac and wish i had got black even thoughi love my lilac onws to death:smile:


Mar 26, 2006
clev. ohio
I have uggs in the ultra tall in black and chestnut!! The Ultras are the only ones still made in Austraillia (or New Zealand...I forget)!! soooooo comfy