Wich bag do you wear when you wear light collored clothes?

  1. I only have dark brown bags and i'm not to sure about wearing it with pastels and such
  2. i usually wear my tan leather tote bag with lighter colours.. looks quite nice..:heart:
  3. I actually have a funny story about that. I went into LV this past weekend and the SA who sold me my Damier Speedy the week before asked me why I wasn't using my Damier bag. I embarassingly told her that it didn't match my light colored shoes so I had to use my LV mono print bag.

    I have a real problem with bags having to match shoes, belt, and even jacket so I try to buy bags in every color with varying shades of leather. If I am dressed in a monochrome color then I don't mind if the bag constrasts.
  4. Thank god i'm not the only one!
  5. Depends. I like to wear white shirts with jeans or dress pants and black shoes, and a red purse to make the outfit pop. Or with pastels, I'll use a tan purse, or a lighter colored purse.
  6. i wear my tan with everything...
  7. While I am not be big brown-lover, but I think brown looks good with blues. If it is a weathered brown, I can wear it with most anything. Tan or natural goes with anything.
  8. i don't match bags with clothes or shoe colors at all!!!! my bags are like my jewelry wear with anything, like you'd wear a gold bracelet with anything...............well, maybe would not carry my pink caviar medallion tote with an orange outfit

    but most anything goes:p