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Oct 1, 2006
:confused1: Is choosing a WALLET so darn HARD?!?!?!? arrrrrrrrghhhh...I'm going nuts...

Normally my style of wallet would be the pochette wallet (the new one with additional CC slots)...but then I got to thinking, I want something different and fun. So I started looking at Koala vs. French Purse...and decided more on the Koala cuz I really liked the style of it...

then yesterday i got to thinking:idea: , Well If I'm going to spend $$ on a wallet, I want to use it for like a GOOD while and not have to buy another one for a looong time...and I like to put receipts and such in my wallet and as seeing there really isn't much room in the Koala or French, I started looking at the Zippy wallet and then I wondered if I put a lot of papers in it if I would have trouble closing it...then I saw a Zippy Organizer and I was like ooh, I really like this...it has enough room for me to put papers/bills/receipts/CC and even passport/tickets (when I travel) or my check book....but then I thought but this will be HUUUGE..and would look like a book instead of a wallet or something....so then I'm looking at the Portefeuille Accordeon and I really like it too, cuz I can use it as a clutch, hook it to my speedy or other bags so I don't lose it, has enough room and if I put a lot of papers in it, it will expand....but it's only in mono and damier and i wanted something fuuuuuuuun!

UGH...why is choosing a wallet sooo hard?!?! maybe because they're soo expensive (like equal to a bag) that one would want to make the right choice...:hysteric:

I'm tired of thinking about wallets...:cursing:
Awww sorry you are in such a dilemma!!

My 2 cents is to go with the Zippy Organizer...I love larger wallets and this one is so versatile!!

Good luck deciding!
do you have the Zippy Organizer couturegrl?!?!? I was just curious if I stuff it with receipts and such if it would still close...

LOL Nope I wish!! I actually use my Frambroise Small Ring Agenda as a wallet (I put Filofax inserts into it).

I am sure that you could stuff that baby full of receipts and it would still close...it looks sooo roomy!
It's soooo confusing picking out a wallet because it's something you wouldn't switch around like you do a handbag so it's got to be something to handle all your needs. I'm using the monogram pochette wallet like the one you first mentioned, I love it but I want something to match my new damier speedy and I'm so in love with the damier koala with the red leather lining....I think 'santa' got it for me for Christmas! I hear you about having something fun and I do think that would be one to think about. You could always just buy a checkbook cover that would fit your receipts...that's probably what I'll end up doing. Please let us know what you decide!!!! Good Luck!!!
It is hard. I don't live near a boutique so I narrowed my choices down to two and ordered them from elux. I ordered the pti and the accordeon. I ended up keeping the pti because the accordeon was hard for me to get in and out of because of my arthritis. I didn't even think of that when I ordered it! The pti folds out and is easy for me to use. There are just too many gorgeous wallets out there!!!!
I especially love LV wallets. Yeah, they are pricey, but soo cute especially nice when I miss out on all the LEs or just plain any new release bag.:P
I was going thru the same dilema a few months ago. I ended up purchasing the Mono Canvas PTI but still haven't used it. I then decided I wanted something fun and ordered the Vernis PTI in Framboise on Eluxury ($605.00)yesterday because I think the color is yummy and fun. I don't know if I should keep the Mono Canvas one now. Another dilema :s . Maybe I'll sell it on Ebay. :idea:
better yet get the groom pouchette wallet (red) like I did..you get mono and limited edition plus the red and white stripe go with all my gucci and prada bags...that wallet is the whole package...cannot go wrong...LE and you will love it...good luck
that's what i thought too..but when i went to the boutique yesterday..the FRENCH PURSE sealed the deal for me...very classy and elegant. It's the perfect size for me. Thought the Koala was too 'bulky' for me, the french purse is slim and not too long like the PTIs and not square like the koalas...i'm gonna post some pics later!!