1. That is crazy!
    With the BIN price plus shipping, it's more than retail.

    The only thing I can think of...is that people can buy stuff online with stolen cc card numbers. Can't do that in person.
  2. And maybe for people that don't have elux available or a LV-store in their country at all... However, this is not an excuse for this bag as the seller only ships to the US, but some people don't really have a choice when it comes to place of purchase, and if people know that people are willing to pay for something, they can just as well drag the price up, no matter how mean it is :sad:
  3. Mmm, I never thought of that one!
  4. that is crazy when you can get it for cheaper on elux or the boutique! the only way i see perhaps paying more for a multicolor on ebay is if you really had your heart set on a certain color combination and your only other option is elux that you cant pick obviously which one you get
  5. Precisely my thoughts. The thing is, the MC Speedy is not a limited edition...I think it's part of their permanent line. Oh well.
  6. LOL greed.
  7. So greedy, that's just disasppointing. Oh well, I hope they enjoy those eBay fees when their overpriced speedy and pmp don't sell !
  8. Isn't she selling both the purse and the wallet? Is that still more than retail?
  9. I thought the same thing. I think that both of those together are approximately 2200. But maybe I wasn't paying attention.
  10. Totally insane