Why Your Coach Counts as a Family Expense

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  1. "Honey, can you put my tie and cell phone in your bag?"

    "Mom, is my DS still in your purse?"

    Got snacks for kids, extra goodies for entertaining on the road or find yourself carrying stuff for your spouse?

    It's really not YOUR purse. It's the family purse, and you get to be the sherpa! :yes:

    This means the next time you go to the Coach store, you can remind DH that you need a new purse because you seem to be carrying everyone else's stuff, too!:graucho:

    So, what stuff do you carry that isn't yours?:confused1:
  2. Thats awesome!!!! I am totally going to be using these on my fiance! I am always carrying his cell phone and wallet!
  3. lol when ever i go out shopping with my mom, or on vacations, she'll bring her small purses and have my hold eveything in mine (because i am smart and always carry huge bags!lol) I get everything from coupons to my brothers stuff and my dad's medcine! lol
  4. I ALWAYS have a few coloured pens in my purse to keep my son amused. It's come in very handy on multiple occasions!
  5. Oh lets see, lots of times I carry:
    hubbys wallet
    sons wallet (hes only 5!)
    game boy w/ extra games
    hot wheels
    sons sunglasses
    water bottle
    sons chapstick
    and when I'm really lucky I get to stuff my sons favorite stuffed bunny in it too! O.K now that I've listed all of this junk, Im feeling a little used!! LOL J.K.:upsidedown:
  6. Ha ha.. I love it!
  7. I always carry stuff for my boyfriend: wallet, keys, and phone! :lol: It's so funny. He's always rolling his eyes when I'm online window-shopping for new purses. But I just bat my eyes and say sweetly, "But you use my purse too honey."

    He's been very nice about it though. In the past 2 years, he's bought me 1 Coach wallet and 2 Coach purses. He's a real sweetie, when he doesn't make me mad. :P
  8. Haha, this is sooo true! My BF always makes me carry his sunglasses when we go indoors.
  9. Once in a while hubby's wallet but the rest is all mine!
  10. Yup this is why I always need a larger bag! Nintendo DS, games, husband's brick of a sunglass case, a few Power Rangers in case any aliens attack, my daughters cell phone because she doesnt want to carry her bag, my daughters camera in case anything happens on our trip to the mall that MUST be captured forever, the list goes on and on. That's why I have NO guilt buying nice bags. And besides, Im the one who has to lug around this load of stuff on my shoulder, so if I have to suffer, I'm gonna do it looking good!
  11. LOL...I never thought of this before. My bag does seem to be used by the whole family. I have to carry wipes and tissue for everyone. Plus anything extra they need. This futher justifies why I need well made bags to carry everything.:okay:
  12. Lets see...right now in my large Carly there are band aids, diapers, wipes,a juice box, one of my sons' books, two of their chapsticks, actually it is a light day! ;)
  13. ^^ You are brave carrying a juice box in your Coach!!!! I don't have a "family" (ie dh, bf, kids, etc) but when my friends and I go out I often end up carrying their cameras or wallets or keys because they thought they would be "smart" and just put things in their pockets but then realize that all that junk won't fit just in their pockets! Too bad they don't buy my Coach bags! HEHE
  14. LOL.... I put NONE of that stuff in my purse. I think MAYBE 3 times I have carried DH's keys and cell phone.
    Those who put juice and food in there, you are BRAVE souls!
  15. When we go somewhere I usually carry something of my husband's too! My newest requirement for a handbag is that my stuff should only occupy half of the purse. This way I have enough room for my husband's stuff or anything that I seem to pick up along the way (especially during WNBA seaon when I get programs, freebies, carry water).