Why you shouldn't use a cheap tattoo artist LOL

  1. I found this picture on the internet a while ago, it shows why you shouldn't use cheap/bad tattoo artists. A part of me feels sorry for the guy, having this to remember his dead wife by, a part of me feels annoyed at the tattooist for doing a poor job, and another part of me just finds it completely hilarious. (Sorry if you've seen it before). What do you all think of it?

  2. I think I would be pissed.......and thinking of a cover-up, from different artist.
  3. UGH! I feel so bad for the guy! Had they not have put the real picture beside the tat, I would have thought it was his mother. Or a drag queen.
  4. It kinda looks like one of those weird airbrushed Aztec mural things you sometimes see on the walls of Mexican restaurants...gah...
  5. Oh no! That's horrible! It's the thought that counts, right :shrugs:
  6. :roflmfao:I'm so sorry, but I think it was a bad idea to begin with LOL :sweatdrop:
  7. WHY oh WHY didn't he say anything when they put the 'stencil' on?? (not exactly sure what it's called- it's like a temporary tattoo that the artist then works with)
  8. I feel so bad for him....such a sweet thought though...

    Ugh - poor guy...
  9. Holy crap! Although it's hard to feel sorry for him when he really should have done his research and gone to someone with more drawing skill than Stevie Wonder.
  10. Important lesson - look at the tattoo artists books to see if they have experience doing what you want.

    If it's going to cost you more than you thought - it's worth it. Would much rather pay more for fabulous work than less and get a cruddy product. It's on you for life, folks! (And his thought was sweet... the hair looks okay?)
  11. how horrible!

    ALWAYS ask around for references and check their portfolios!
  12. You gals are right, he should have spent a bit more money, and he should have said something when the temporary was put on - the artist managed to make the man's pretty, smiling wife look like a sneering zombie bride that's about to eat your face.
  13. sweet thought but wrong execution...:yes:
  14. Oh man....they should have done like a trace before he jumped in. That's sad.
  15. Wow...just Wow. That is really bad, the picture does make her look like his mother or a drag queen with Chiclets for teeth. She looked pretty in the picture too...very sad.