WHY you shouldnt Sell items on CRAIGSLIST>COM

  1. her emails are *deleted* to begin with./ well I listed some TSUBI jeans i had and this girl wrote me asking if she could come and try them on and buy them. I am a full time student so I could not meet with her i have no time. So I just ended up listing them on eBay and when i told her this in a very nice email here is what she said
    "Thank you for waisting my time. I didn't realize that trying on jeans
    and making a decision would be such a pain in the ass. Next time,
    remind me not to consider buying from you EVER again."

    and i wrote her
    WOW, YOU DIDNT HAVE TO BE SO RUDE! SORRY I AM A FULL TIME STUDENT TRYING TO GRADUATE WITH A DEGREE!!! SORRY I GO FROM 9 AM TILL 6 AT NIGHT EVERYDAY!. I don't see how I wasted your time at all?? If you consider the time it takes to write an e-mail a waste of time then think how much of my time would have been wasted driving to meet you just to have you try on something. I'm not a boutique! You asked for a favor and I said no. People like you are the reason I don't meet strangers on the internet in person. You're psychotic! I just don't have time to have you try on the jeans most people know their size by heart.

    and then she wrote me
    It takes one to know one. And I never said that you should drive, I
    would've offered to come up. And me psychotic? Just read what you
    emailed me and you will see who's the pyschotic one. Jeans are all
    different and fit differently. I'm not gonna pay for something that I
    cannot even try on. I don't want to beat around the bush and wait for
    you to email me back, constantly changing your mind about the status
    of the jeans. Next time think before you speak, and if you really need
    to pay off your college education, then get a real f**kin job.

    and then i wrote her

    hahahah you know whats funny i didn't take the time to read what you wrote because i dont give a crap what you have to say! YAYAYA so f*&k off i am blocking your dumb a$$ PEACE
    and then she wrote me with a new email address after i blocked her psycho butt

    now i know what your stupid a$$ looks like.
    with a link to my myspace page!!!!!! so she went out of her way to STALK ME ON MYSPACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! creepy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So i had to block my myspace and make it private!!!!!!!! AGAIN! So i told her in my last emal after blocking her other email address that if she doesnt stop this i will call the cops because i know her name is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and lives in los angeles area! so WOW BE CAREFUL EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!! suggestion dont sell on craigslist unless you say in the write up you are only shipping!!!!!!
  2. first, do not post the email addresses of random people from the internet on here. thats THEIR private information, not for you to share.

    second, get some perspective. getting in an email shouting match with someone over a pair of craigslist jeans is so not worth it.
  3. Sounds like a lot of unecessary drama to me.

    I sell stuff on Craig's List all the time. Old furniture, etc. I love it!
  4. First of all, one should NEVER ship or buy with a CC using craigslist. That is how people are scammed on craigslist. The site is meant for meeting in person when selling items, paying with cash usually. It is definitely something you have to be careful with though.
  5. Did you plan on shipping them to her? If so, I dont know why you put them on Craigs in the first place. If you place a local classified ad online or via your local paper of course people are going to want to check the item out first.
  6. I know you are, but what am I!!!1111
  7. I have to say, if i were buying a pair of jeans and they were in the area, I'd want to try them on, too. I know my size, but it's different even within the same brand because of the different cuts.
  8. Yea, selling on craigslist takes more time than eBay because you have to arrange to meet. It takes way too much time, and I usually avoid it. That girl seemed quite rude though, since you nicely let her down. Any buyer on craigslist should know that if you make requests, the seller can easily sell to someone else.
    I have sold some last-minute tickets on there with great success though. Most people are nice. Don't not sell just because of her =)
  9. I agree that she was rude, but I would have probably just ignored her e-mail, no need to call her psychotic. That would just escalate things, which it did.
  10. Too funny.
  11. she was rude shes an A hole..
  12. oh and what she said about paying off my college education i have NO CLUE what shes talking about.. my mom pays for my college hahaha
  13. Yeah, when I give away things via Craigslist if someone asks too many questions I dont even bother replying. I just move to the next person.
  14. Why bother engaging her in the first place? :confused1:
  15. ITA! Why look for drama? :rolleyes: