Why you shouldn't be bidding on auctions when you're sick!

  1. I'm suffering from a terrible flu at the moment! Have had to stay from work the past two days! :sad:

    Anyway, I just went to bid on a pair of black dress pants for work. Nothing too fancy. An ordinary brand in Australia. Retails for $79.95 (according to seller). Guess what my max bid was???!!

    $1300.00!!! :push: I meant to put in $13.00! Luckily I won it for $13.00. :rolleyes: That could have been expensive!!! :shocked::hrmm:

    Oh dear.
  2. Hey, at least you would have guaranteed yourself winning the auction! Good job!
  3. Wow, you got lucky.
  4. That's too funny! LOL! :nuts:
  5. Hope you're feeling better leanbeanee :flowers: I just recovered from one and it's pretty bad.:sad: Lucky there's no shill bidding:p
  6. Feel better! Good thing you didn't end up paying $1300 for the pants!!
  7. Aww that was close! I was sick for 6 out of 7 days of my skiiing holiday. I just got back and am still sick. I miss eBay!!!
  8. Sorry to hear you were sick, did you get the flu vaccination..I have the last 2 years and no flu.

  9. Eeeek :wtf: Well, I'm glad it worked out! Congrats on the win! Hope you are feeling better soon!
  10. Aw Leanbee, what a lesson for us all. So glad it worked out and very much hope you're feeling better.
  11. If anything, you could've just cancelled your bid if it u noticed within 12 hours. You just needed to cancel for the "entered wrong amount" reason. Good to know if this ever happens again!
  12. Thank girls for all your well wishes! Still feeling pretty crook today, but went to work (couldn't afford to take another day off) anyway!

    Had I won it for more that the retail price, I think I would have got my first unpaid item strike. :push: I'm one of those people who refuses to pay more than retail!!! :whistle:

    Lee, had there been shill bidding, I would have report that seller before the auction ended!!! :wlae: And I bid in the last few seconds too!

    Shoppy, I wouldn't have paid... or I would have taken it to Chanel and had it made into a bag! :p

    Suzie, I had the flu injection two years ago and was sick a few days later! Last year I decided I'd go without and I was fine, so I thought I'd do the same this year. It's spring now...not suppose to get sick. :sad:

    Miss Sooky, definitely a good lesson. Don't bid last second when you're sick either... you can't fix it!

    Supaxceci, I usually bid in the last second. No time to fix! As soon as I pressed the confirm bid button... I was like "Nooooooooooooooo!"

    The seller hasn't sent me the payment information, so maybe she's not happy with the price??? Heheee... If only she knew my max price!
  13. That gave me a good laugh.
  14. Done that before, my first time on eBay Holland where a , is used for a . so my decimal point was ignored!
  15. :p hehehe, I'll learn from your "experience"