Why you should ALWAYS watermark your pictures..

  1. I don't know if this is the proper place to post this but I was perusing eBay tonight and to my surprise, look what I found!

    eBay: Chanel Swarovski CC Logo Earrings (item 150089319503 end time Feb-13-07 10:02:57 PST)

    Anyone recognize that picture? Yes, it is MY picture that I posted either here or on the Chanel group on Myspace before I started watermarking my pictures!
    I am LIVID right now and I hope to h*** that eBay takes this auction down. I can't STAND to see that someone is using MY pictures for their despicable behavior. :hysteric: :cursing:
  2. And for reference, here is the ORIGINAL:
  3. UGH!! Don't you just HATE eBay sellers who claim pics as their own when it clearly isn't?!?!

    have you reported that auction to ebay yet Rebecca? ARGHH, I hope it gets taken down!!!
  4. ^ ugh I wish I could help but unfortunately only the original owner of the pic can report the seller. you know what, i'll just report her for selling counterfeits, haaha!
  5. Haha thanks. This is just stupid. Knowing them, my links from at least a year ago on myspace's Chanel group and on here won't be enough for them and they'll say they "don't have enough evidence that the picture was stolen" and just leave it up. :cursing:
  6. Ugh yea, I really hate that about ebay!!! One time some b!tch stole my pics and cropped off the watermarks and because I deleted the pics from my photobucket, ebay let it slide!!!

    Hopefully the counterfeit reports will get ebay to pull it, they seem to be pulling a lot of Chanel auctions lately.
  7. Wow I really hope so. I can give them the link on my photobucket of that original, the posts of them from here AND the posts from the Chanel group on myspace that show my picture if they want to see them. Plus, since it's the original, mine also has it BEFORE they cropped it and added the arrow in..that HAS to count for something, I hope.

    And seriously, the most disgusting part is that they're probably going to send that high bidder a pair of cheap fugly fake earrings. $102!!! For the FAKE earrings that they'll be receiving!!!
  8. I really hope it does! Ugh, I'll keep my eye on that auction... hopefully it'll be gone in the morning!
  9. Oh my gosh it had better be. If not, I'll just keep reporting it under counterfeit as well.
  10. I'm so sorry this happened to you! I hope they'll remove this pic. And I mean, if they steal authentic pic, that means that they're scamming someone by selling fakes. Mean people!
  11. ^ yea, I really hate that about sellers. and sometimes the buyers are totally unaware!
  12. Wow
    People are so sneaky it's unbelievable
  13. I am also going to report this item for you and hopefully the more reports that ebay recive the faster they will remove the item.
  14. I am going to report the auction as well! This is so angering!
    Did you contact the seller? I would and inform them that they have been reported to eBay for stealing pictures and for selling fakes!