Why you never should wear flip flops at Home Depot

  1. Sorry for my un-pedicured toes, first off :shame: but this is what happened to me at Home Depot today. Never wear flip flops in the mini blinds aisle! The box was not closed on the other end and the blinds fell out of the box on my foot. I cried it hurt so bad.

  2. OUCH!!! You poor thing..OMG. :amazed:
  3. DOH! :Push:
  4. That looks so painful. Ouch! I had that happen to me once and I started to bleed under the nail. I hope you get better. Put some ice on it.
  5. Oooo that looks painful-- did you get the blinds for free?
  6. Did you file an incident report? I hope you get better.
  7. oh no. thanks for the heads up. i hope you feel better soon.
  8. No I still had to pay for the darn things! I did file a report and they told me they will have someone check all the boxes.
  9. oh no! Poor you! that looks so painful.. just looking at it is making me wince! :Push:
  10. ouch...thanks for the heads up hopefully someone will get back to u on that but knowing them they won't.
  11. What!!???? That't Nuts! They should have compensated you in some sort of way. Hello.. because of their negligence, you were maimed. I would have raised hell. :mad: It looks painful. Take care of it so that it won't get infected.
  12. Well I Have The Same Thing On My Toe. I Did It To Myself When The Blowdryer Fell On My Toe. It Grows Out But It Hasnt Fully Grown Out So I Have To Chose Certain Nailpolishes For My Pedicure That Cover It Up.
  13. Owww!!! Poor thing!
  14. OMG, I feel so bad for you. Get some ice on it. :sad:
  15. Ouch! Your poor toe. I did something like that to mine toe a couple of years ago and it took forever for it to grow out. Thank god for nail polish!