Why would this site let people post ebay links?

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  1. To authenticate bags? It makes no sense at all. Why don't they
    first have people who have questions about items just snag the images
    from the auction and then post the pictures using a free picture host.
    And then let people decide if it is fake or real. And if majority of people
    deem it is fake then list the sellers ID and auction after a verdict.

    I see the same people on here authenticating bags who also
    send requests for Caroldiva (who is also questionable) to have their
    own bags authenticated. So if you are not an expert and you even
    request a professional opinion, now does that make sense? And to
    link and Ebay auction and scream fake? What if the bag is real and
    it isn't fake? See what I am saying?
  2. there's a long thread with discussion & answers you are seeking on this topic already in the ebay subforum
  3. closing as we dont allow duplicates.Please see the ebay forum for more info!TIA!
Thread Status:
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