Why would I store my speedy b folded?

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  1. This is the advice I received from LV..took me ages to get the creases out! I asked for a bigger dust bag as mine is too small when the speedy is unfolded.

    Here's what they said by email..

    In response to your query. We have been in contact with our order department and they have confirmed that you have received the correct dust bag for your Speedy Bandoulière 35. When folded your bag should normally fit in the dust bag.

    Please be informed that the Speedy originally was intended as a smaller travelling bag which could be folded and stored within a larger bag such as the Keepall. Both the selection of the material and the design makes the Speedy bag well suited for being folded and stored like that.

    :sad: I don't want it folded..it's Azur so I'll have to make my own dust bag!
  2. That's what I was told when I purchased my Speedy, as well. Now I'm going to have to go look at my dust bag.

    Edit: Just went and checked, and my dust bag is large enough to store my girl unfolded. But maybe it's because I made a face when the SA was telling me to store it folded? I'm not sure.
  3. I am surprised this was their reply, though they can be folded when needed I would advise against this for storing & instead store it stuffed. As for the dustbag, you should be able to call LV or even visit a boutique & more than likely they will give you one, they will check your history & if they have one they will supply you with it. You can ask for a large drawstring bag as that is a very great size to store the Speedy b 35 with room to spare. GL
  4. I emailed to ask for a larger dust bag because I store all my bags stuffed and in their bags, that was my response! I don't live near a store so haven't built a relationship with any particular SA. Guess I'll be using a lovely draw string laundry bag I got from a nice hotel instead!
  5. Strange. My dustbag for my Speedy was large enough to fit the bag WITHOUT being folded.
  6. i remember the SA telling me the same when I got my speedy and NF. I wish LV had the dust bags with drawstrings, mine isnt big enough to store sitting upright so I just store it in a dust bag I got from Vintage Heirloom on my purse shelf
  7. I hate storing them folded. In fact my last speedy, I asked my SA to please send it to me stuffed and not looking like road kill. Because a flattened speedy looks just like road kill (to me.)

    Just my 2cents &&& while at Louis Vuitton tell them you want a bigger dust bag to store your speedy stuffed. ;)

  8. I have quite a few lv's with the regular dustbags but the drawstring dustbags that i have (2) are from bags mif.
  9. i run into this every time i purchase a speedy. sometimes if you ask they will give you a large dustbag if they happen to have one. i would suggest that you ask whenever you are in an lv store and one of these times you will luck out. it's really kind of ridiculous because they should just give us a larger dustbag. i store my speedies stuffed and some of them only fit halfway into their dustbags.
  10. hi, sori to hear it, nvr thought it's a big deal to get
    a large dustbag when u buy a bag, SAs @ my local btq
    r thankfully indulging.
    --wouldn't store my speedy b's folded,
    it took 4ever to smooth it out, lol.
  11. +1
  12. I don't want to fold my speedy either. I asked my SA for one, she looked but said they didn't have an extra one to give me. I also called customer service & couldn't get one either so I leave it stuffed and drape the dust bag it came with over the top to stop it from getting dusty.
  13. I had this same problem too. Totally thought my SA had given me the wrong dust bag. For some strange reason, my Marylebone PM dust bag is way bigger, so I switched them.
  14. Do not fold your speedy..i had a speedy once but had to return it because a corner where it was folded had a small damage in the canvas due to the folding.i assumed the owner kept it folded too long or all the time...put some stuff in it like a towel or pillow case when not in use.
  15. +1