Why would ebay pull listing as soon as it ends?

  1. This isn't my listing, but refers to two separate listings by one of the Isoldit companies that often consign high end bags. There were two desirable older Balenciagas, one City and one Day Bag, that both ended this afternoon after dozens of bids on each.

    The one I was interested in, went higher than I wanted to bid, so I actually never got a bid in, but might have, had it not gone so high. It jumped five hundred dollars in the last two bids, so I'm wondering if eBay suspected a shill bidder???

    Does anyone have any experience with this last minute removal of an auction? In the first twenty minutes after they ended, both auctions appeared on "Completed" auctions, but when I clicked on them, they each said, "This item has been removed"...or something of that nature. An hour later, neither is showing in the Completed auctions listing.

    I thought of writing to eBay, but then realized they won't tell me anything. Does anyone have any ideas? :confused1: :shrugs:
  2. I saw that Day bag! I was watching it too. I thought that was strange myself :confused1:
  3. TTucker...bless you for the "adopt a pet," avatar...It is so important for people to find needy creatures instead of those for sale..

    I was not watching the ending of the Day Bag, but the City. Did you notice if the selling price of that one jumped really high, just at the end? If so, that is two for two...and maybe there is something there.

    I am getting so cynical..:supacool:
  4. I was watching those two items also and put in a bid within the last 5 minutes..(hello fellow Bbag lovers)..then got an email from eBay saying the item had been withdrawn..
  5. Have the sellers other listings been pulled? Are they still registered on eBay? There could be a whole plethora of reasons. My feeling is that it was pulled by VeRO
  6. Normally its because the winning bidders account have been hijacked . It happened to me last week . these scammers always go for high end items .
  7. Thanks everyone for the ideas. Mooks.. the seller is still selling another bbag, and is still a registered user. There were two bags ending with a few minutes of each other...both were pulled. :confused1:
  8. Wow.. wonder if that could be....I didn't look to see if the winning bidder on both bags was the same ID. The won auction was available for just a few minutes.. Now I wish I'd noticed...who knew??

    I wish ebay were not so darn secretive. They sure can be high handed, and anything but user friendly. I feel like we're dealing with the CIA. :sad:
  9. My pal recently sold a Bbag on eBay and had her listing cancelled within minutes of it ending because the winning bidder "claimed" their account had been hijacked.....
  10. I'm wondering if this is what happened now. I guess if it is, the two bags should both be back up for sale within a short period of time. Hopefully with some sort of explanation for those of us who were watching and wanting to bid. :sad:
  11. Maybe contact the seller, they might tell you what happened or at the very least say when the bags will be relisted
  12. so is there any way to prevent own auction from happening this way?:confused1:
  13. Nope, it's just incredibly bad luck!!
  14. the only way to prevent it is to list items BIN and immediate paypal payment required.