Why would celebs carry fakes?

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  1. I am just curious?
  2. I don't know. The fact that they have huge money, and would buy fake bags, AND wear them shamelessly, completely eludes me. Ew!
  3. maybe they wanna know what it feels like to use a fake bag lol :lol:
  4. Hey - just because a person has money, doesn't mean they have class *coughPariscough*.
  5. Mabey because everything else on them is fake!
  6. i seriously doubt that celebrities wear fakes. maybe those bags are S.O.
    they wouldn't piss off designers. plus, they have enough money, so why would they buy fakes. they are always buying the most exclusive things (houses, cars, clothes,..) and everybody tries to be more decadent than the other. so why would they go to some cheap store and buy a fake bag for 50 bucks?
  7. I don't know..I am just learning about the MC, but those bags look like the colors are "off".
  8. Maybe because those fake bags look "cute" to them, especially to Paris. lol
  9. i think it's important that stars don't go out and get things as much as stuff is just kind of handed to them. they're rich, everyone they know is rich, they've probably never thought a day in their lives about fake bags or slogged through all the crap on ebay looking for a good deal. if a pal gives them a bag, and the pal says the thing is real, what reason do they have to question it? fakers fool everyone, even people with tons of cash.
  10. those bags are all fakes. these pictures were taken before these celebs were really "famous" and most of them had been being their own stylist. richie would not be caught dead in that "ensemble" now...thanks to rachel zoe!
  11. Celebs can be cheap too !

    I've also heard that Posh only carried a fake graffiti bag because she knew that by the time she actually got the bag it wouldn't be so stylish anymore. Who knows !
  12. ^^^She DID have a fake graffiti at one point:
    She ended up getting the real ones later (and before everyone else did anyways!!!):
    Fake bags or not, the woman knows how to dress REALLY well!!!!!
  13. yup. posh is a fabulous dresser!
  14. Maybe it's simple ignorance. Plus, don't a lot of them get bags from the designers directly for free?
  15. Wealthy women (celeb or not) normally wear fake jewels and keep the real one in the safe to avoid being targets for theives. Maybe the celebs with the fake bags think that because they are wealthy, people (who don't know better) will think they are real so why spend 2 - 10 thousand? Also, purse snatchers won't get anything.