Why would a person ask to do BIN?

  1. I have a pair of Seven Jeans on sale now on eBay.

    I received an email from a potential buyer asking what the BIN price was. I hadn't selected that option (im really new to this eBay thing) but I just thought of a price off of the top of my head. I looked at other ppl's items and noticed that BIN is slightly higher than the other price so I told her about 10 bucks more than my normal asking price.. She repllied and asked me if I could put BIN in my listing.

    I haven't yet because I wanted to get advice from you all...what's the benefit/difference in the Buy It Now option????

  2. I like BIN's with "immediate payment required" b/c then I get payment right away and don't have to wait 5-10 days for the auction to run. I do a lot of BIN with best offer options too.

    If you are going to get what other jeans get with a BIN, I would just add one for the interested buyer. That way you don't have to wait for the auction to run. She probably just wants them ASAP.
  3. im sorry your whole post confused me girl.. hahaha im still lost...
  4. people prefer BINs because they want to buy the item now. if you add a BIN, make sure to require immediate payment (which means that the buyer cannot BIN until they pay). this only works if they pay through paypal.

    there are pros and cons to BIN. for you, you sell the item faster and get paid immediately if you require immediate payment. the downside is you possibly make less than if you let the auction run its course.
  5. yes, people ask because they don't want to wait and so they don't lose it in the end of a bidding war.

    I always tell them to make me an offer and I'll add a BIN for them or counter their offer and then add a BIN if we agree.
  6. ohhhhh ok i get it now! Thanks so much ladies!
  7. LOL, sorry I missed the part where you said you were an "eBay newbie". :smile:

    It seems that the others clarified any confusion. Sorry! I think it depends on the item. In this case, if you looked on Ebay and saw what others have gone for in that particular size, wash, etc, then make the BIN option that. If she doesn't agree, then she can just bid. :smile:

    What did you end up deciding to do?
  8. Just remember that if you're an ebay newbie with less than 10 feedbacks, you can't post a BIN.

  9. I wanted to add - make sure you never mention that you are willing to add a BIN in the listing - I had 2 auctions removed due to this :crybaby:
  10. the wench never replied to my last email:confused1:

    so now it's still up for a regular bid.. oh well all of that emailing and interest and now she's unresponsive... poo
  11. That's happened to me before....:wlae:
  12. i have asked for BINs specifically because i needed the item ASAP. i always let the seller name a price and accept it (unless it's outrageous, which has yet to happen to me). just faster for everyone...that is, if we're all safe players.
  13. I asked a seller about a BIN tonight actually. I really wanted to get it ASAP however, they were beyond laughable at the price they wanted and what they said was on their reserve.

  14. :roflmfao: the wench...i like that
  15. Yes, I used to do that all the time, because I don't do auctions. So I would just ask the person to make it a BIN for me.