why woudlnt LV produce this bag?

  1. http://www.style.com/style/view/95/55/100085595.jpg

    whyyyy woudlnt they put that into production...I HATE when the leather on the bottom of my Alma gets all icky..
  2. o wow look at that, it looks weird with the mc bottom imo, plus i would be worried about fading because its rubbing against so many things.
  3. Well if you don't put the bag on a dirty surface... problem solved.
  4. ^Yeah. Plus, then we'd get people complaining that the pattern is chipping on the bottom. Either way, there would be problems.
  5. yeah, but the leather underneath the Almas is so unattractive. I mean as careful as anyone is there will no way to keep it perfect. Atleast the canvas can wipe off stains or dirt
  6. sooooooooo true:supacool:
  7. What about an epi or damier alma?? Those stay nice forever!
  8. ^ I agree, if you want an Alma with no vachetta, get Epi or Damier!
  9. :yes:
  10. Mine isn't perfect but it's not all stained up. I actually think it has held up pretty well and the color is even as well.
    IMO, the chipping MC pattern on the bottom would be less attractive than the vachetta on the bottom.
    Then again, NO bag will ever stay "perfect," they're meant to be used, which is why they hold up so well.
  11. Yup, I think the chipping/fading of the MC pattern at the bottom would be a lot worse and people would complain a lot more about it. :hrmm:
  12. Just add some feet! XD