Why work should come w/ a valium script

  1. Today was the most frustrating day at work ever. I arrived at my office to find that the workers -- who are putting in new windows -- had simply pushed my desk across the room so that where I sit was against the wall and they DISCONNECTED EVERY COMPUTER CORD AND CABLE. I had to go find workmen to help me push the desk away from the wall. Then I spent literally HOURS trying to reconnect the computer, mouse, keyboard, printer, electric plugs, internet, etc. Finally, when it seemed everything should work -- the keyboard simply wouldn't respond. I KNOW I had it attached to the right place, but it just wouldn't communicate w/ the computer. I went to find the IT guy and he is AWAY INDEFINITELY (it's summer, so staff take vacations now.):sos:

    How will I ever do my dissertation without a computer??? Plus, they removed my windows and replaced them with boards for the next two weeks so it's totally dark and gloomy.

    On a minorly frustrating note, I arrived home to find that my order of sundresses from Victoria's secret don't fit right at all, so they must all be returned.

    Obviously, it was not a tragic day...but it was very frustrating!!! Thanks for listening to this venting:hysteric:
  2. You know what is so scary? I did my entire dissertation longhand. I swear.
  3. Awww! sorry it was such a crappy day. Have a glass of wine and put yer feet up!
  4. It seems like a bad day for a lot of people. You and Megs, my only complaint is my feet hurt- I am waiting for my orthotics to come in. I am sure that will be stylish. The doctor recommended the world's ugliest shoes, but hey at least purses don't hurt my feet at the end of a long day of physical therapy. I think I need physical therapy!
  5. It is the heat... I swear... it makes people go :wacko:
  6. :wtf: I can't even imagine! Computers have totally spoiled me. I am sooo reliant on spell check -- in case you all haven't noticed by my atrocious spelling on the forum! Meanwhile, my hand starts to hurt when I try to write even a page longhand.

    So how did you manage? Did you have to type it all over when you were done? Did you use pencil or cross things out? I stand in awe:shame:
  7. sorry M's! I just got a skirt I ordered in the mail (medium) and was sent a medium alright - in childrens! I feel your pain.
  8. Just what we can all use -- a skirt for one leg, lol:hysteric:
  9. Bah, how annoying. My art building in school has been under construction so they crammed 50 of us into a classroom made for 20. Gosh darn universities...
  10. When I had one chapter I took it to a woman who did it on her puter, then all my stats were done by a guy at UCLA who was the only person who knew how to run stats. This was a while ago..as you can tell.:shame:
  11. Oh my MandM, I am sorry. I hope tomorrow is a better day. Try to relax, and drink some wine. Breathe, and relax.
  12. awww, how annoying! :sad:
  13. ugh that sucks hopefully at least today will be a better day and your weekend will be good
  14. Yuck!! I hope your day starts going better.
  15. Sorry to hear about your day MandM....hope things got off on the right foot today!

    If they moved your desk again though it be time to go postal. jk