Why woould a seller list an itme, and ignore

  1. questions? I have asked a new (zero feedback) seller 2 questions already and no response. The seller listed 12 items this weekend, has bids, but doesn't seem interested in answering questions. Maybe the seller doesn't know how?
  2. Umm :confused1: maybe she doesn't check her eBay inbox or just of out city?
  3. I never buy anything from a seller who doesn't provide timely responses to questions - expecially a low FB seller. I figure this is an example of the level of communication they will demonstrate after the sale. If people want to step up to the plate and sell things on eBay they should be prepared to communicate with their prospective buyers.
  4. ^^^ ITA!! If a seller can't be bothered to answer a question then I simply won't deal with them. I answer all questions no matter how futile they may be. I often get questions that are answered from details on the listing and still respond to the bidder
  5. They probably just don't have a clue that they need to check their email or eBay for questions - I know the first time I sold on Ebay, I took one thing as my "test subject" so I could figure it out and it took awhile for me to get the hang of it.
  6. I was a little annoyed about that too. I was asking questions about a bag that an MPRS seller Bagteria had for sale and all my questions went unanswered. I thought maybe she had a good excuse but after the span of 1 month and still no answer, I decided not to buy the bag even though it was authenticated at tPF as looking good.
  7. I have found that usually sellers with 0 FB that don't answer questions are scammers just hoping their items sell for top dollar and then they take the money and run IMO.
  8. S/he may just not know how. I find that I don't necessarily get email notices of the questions every time (but sometimes I do, go figure :confused1:.) Until recently, I didn't show the selling panel on my eBay, so if this person doesn't either, s/he may just not even realize questions are being asked.
  9. Not sure, it IS kind of annoying.
    BUT since this just happened to me today, I can maybe understand it just a tad...I got a question on an item I was selling and I never got the "you've got a question about ___" email in my inbox like I normally do. The only way I knew I had a question was when I looked at My Ebay and saw the "1" on the questions column for that item.

    But if she did look at her auctions list then she should at least know she has questions and try to answer them.
  10. that's frustrating, esp since the seller already has no fb... I'd guess they're just new to the game?
  11. Before i buy something from seller with 0fb i always pm him to give me some details about product/shipping or so.. just to check is he for real..
  12. I agree--I always think of it as a sign of a scammer if the seller has low FB.
  13. ITA with everyone else-- for some reason I've had a lot of trouble with this kind of bidder (not seller, like you are) lately. I give them one "I notice you're 0 FB and need a response... " etc. email then if I dont hear back within a reasonable time I cancel their bid and chalk them up to being a scammer. Maybe pessimistic but Ebay has taught me to be that way :push: I send them an email saying I'm doing so because I've not heard anything from them.

    It's so wierd to me that there are people out there that do this. Also, I always get paranoid that it looks like when selling that I'm shill bidding on my own stuff when I have a 0 FB person with lots of bids on my item.
  14. Ebay as a problem lately (past few weeks) of questions not getting forwarded to the seller's email address. I experienced this myself, and it's been discussed a lot on the ebay forums. I know I get many questions a day, and often only 75% get forwarded to my email.

    I usually reply to the messages I get through my email very quickly, but I only started to check "my messages" on my ebay recently after I found this out. It's a pain sorting through and figuring out which ones didn't get forwarded to my email.
  15. I currently have a few bags listed and one had question, I never got the email, still have not received the email. Maybe it's an eBay problem...

    But it did show up in 'MY eBay'.

    Seller is new, I'll give her another day.