why won't TPF admins write me back?

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  1. I've sent several emails trying to sort out my password problem

    TPF says it doesn't recognize either of my email accounts

    and i can't remember my password -- the only reason i have access on my laptop is because i once told my laptop to 'remember me'

    but i can't log in at work or on any other computers because TPF doesn't recognize any of my emails to reset my password :sad:


  2. A couple of things.

    First, what browser are you using? There may be ways to find your PW within the browser.

    Second, in your User Control Panel ("My Control Panel", top left of this page), left column under "Settings and Options", click "Edit Email and Password". You should be able to see the email address on file with tPF.
  3. I haven't been PMd :shrugs:
    M&V have been moving this past week, I can try and help but this is the first I've heard . . .
    PM me and I can help w/ your e-mail :yes:
  4. Your email was removed from the system because it bounced back to us at some point in the past. Update it in the control panel, as Echoes suggested.
  5. hi there! thanks! but it is asking for my current password in order to update info and the problem is i don't know my current password... the only reason i have TPF access is because my laptop is 'remembering' me :smile:
  6. I offered to help if you PM me.