why won't paypal codes work for me?

  1. okay i've tried:


    none work. i keep getting messages that either they are expired or i can't use them from my paypal account

    can anyone help me please?
  2. I just tried the same ones, and they didn't work for me either. :sad:
  3. Some codes are released to certain group of people. Discussion was it may be for people who signed up in April or it's just plain strictly for people who got the codes in the email.
  4. they may be expired. and the fashion one is only for fashion items. thanks for the update.
  5. For your paypal account, whatever email you use is the one that the code should be sent to. So ebay and paypal should have the same email to work. Thus, if you are getting random codes from this forum without actually getting an email to use one, it won't work. They have to email the codes to you directly.
  6. ohh ok because they never work for me either :sad: