Why won't my cambon sell?! RANT

  1. I'm dying to know why not one of 23 watchers bid on my cambon mini bowling. There were ten pictures and I even took more to send out to a few of the watchers. So what is wrong here? The only reason I'm selling is to get through this recent scam, so I really don't want to drop the price. I just bought it a few months ago for $1200 and no one will buy it for $500. :rant: This is driving me crazy, clearly I'm not cut out for eBay. Does this ever happen to anyone else? I remember it happening to addicted with her Mizi Vienna, and coincidentally, we ended up getting scammed by the same person/people.

    I guess people just don't appreciate designer handbags like we do..
  2. hang in there, school just let out, ebay is very slow this time of year.
    Sometimes it takes relisting it 6 times w/ no bids, the that last time you get a bidding war! It's SO fickle!
  3. what scam BTW?
  4. the cambon line just went 40% off so that might be the problem.
  5. are you calling it ''bowling' or 'bowler'? That little detail can make a differnce in searches.
  6. the black didn't go on discount locally for me. DId it for others, or just the colors?
  7. It has happened to me, and this is why I no longer wish to deal with ebay! And if the bag normally retails for $1200 and you are selling it for $500, people are skeptical about authenticity, so won't bid, just a thought - good luck selling it! just re-list it again
  8. I had the price higher before, and I've been dropping it little by little and it ended up at $500.

    Swanky, I had a post in General Discussion about how someone in the Phillipines scammed me by paying with a stolen credit card. Addicted ended up replying and said something that sounded similar to the person that scammed me, we talked, and it was the same person! Then borsabella contacted me because she had a list of people all scammed by this one person, their scams totaling over $50,000. Some of the Philippino girls on the forum are trying to help, but there's not much hope since apparently they're affiliated with the post office.
  9. Oh, and it was listed as bowler! Do you think I should I have put it in as bowling?
  10. ^maybe, it can be as simple as people missing it in a search - or you could use both words.
  11. its probably because you dont have a box or dustbag right?
    hmm, also the black/patent black is on sale at NM so people rather get a BRAND NEW one from a boutique then get one off ebay for slightly less u know? you might want to drop the price. IMO.
  12. I have the box and the dustbag, that's what I store it in.
  13. oops! maybe im thinking of someone elses mini bowling..sorry.
    did u relist it? I dont see it on ebay yet.
  14. Not yet, I will tonight or tomorrow, I guess.
  15. Doublec31...Was that your bag?... The cute mini bowler/black $500.00 - I was eyeing it, had it on my watch items for a day, but hesitated cause of the sale. Post your ebay listing if you can, I may reconsider