Why won't my birkins batwing???

  1. This may sound silly....but my birkins won't batwing. Not that I want them all to. Just one would do. I imagine it's how often you use it and how much you stuff it??? Any thoughts? I have a variety of leathers...which are more prone?
  2. Togo, swift, and clemence are most likely to produce batwings I believe.
  3. lol... why would you want your handles to slouch. I find that annoying!!! I don't want my handles to batwing. That why I always close my bag when I store it.
  4. Just loosen the straps when you carry it.
  5. Who ever came up with this name?
  6. mine is totally batwinged. frequently stuffed and I basically never use the guides or strap it closed...it's always open, soft leather, carried a LOT, 3 years old
  7. I find clemence the easiest to slouch. Often it is already slouched when brand new out of the box! Loosen the buckles, stuff it and give it some time. Good luck!
  8. What exactly does "batwing" mean?
  9. ^^ It is when the side leather panels stick out making the bag wider than when they are tucked in. In some leathers as mentioned above this happens even when the bag is not packed full of things. Clemence and Swift are naturals for this and TOGO can go either way. I have a Togo Birkin from 2005 that is stiff as the day I bought her, no batwings and no slouch. Here is a photo of "batwings":
  10. I dont like the look of Kate's bag.. it looks messy and all over the place imo.
  11. ^^Yup. me neither.
  12. Thanks for everyone's input....Kate's bag is too much so. I like the look of a "loved" bag, yet still refined. Judging from what you guys have to say, I think I need to haul around more inside!:yes:
  13. i personally like the batwing look but i also like the closed up look too
  14. I think Kate's is an extreme example of batwings. I have seen other, more moderate ones that look very cool.
  15. My bag is Clemence and it is pretty stiff,in my opinion. I am not careful and it gets flown around in my car. I purchased it in an Hermes store,and I am trying to relate to all the Clemence experts;but mine is not too slouchy?
    I do keep my straps closed and locked because I prefer that look.

    The photo in my avatar is with the straps open and floopy.