Why wont LV let me make a purchase over the phone?

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  1. Im trying to buy a bag and have it shipped to mem but they wont sell me a bag without seeing me first? is this normal? I thought they can fax me a form to fill out with my credit card info.
  2. You can do a charge send only if you made purchase within the last month..make sure everytime you purchase an item with LV its logged into their system..
  3. that sucks, looks like they just lost a customer. (not that they probably care) lol
  4. I recently ordered an LV bag, my first ever buying, over the phone with credit card and I got a phone call the next day from them just verifying credit card information, at one point I asked if there was a problem because she made me repeat several times, but once the call was over, they sent me the bag so I dont understand, what is the point in having a web site if they wont let some first time buyers use it? Some people are just not able to get out to the stores.
  5. exactly :sad:
  6. fraud prevention.. thats the problem
  7. I guess ill have to wait for holts to call me then :sad: booo
  8. Could you try again? Maybe you just got a difficult SA?
  9. Is this a boutique you were calling or the 866 number?

    I believe that as long as you've made a purchase from them either in-store or online within the last twelve months, you should be able to place an order over the phone.
  10. I called a flagship store in toronto, I have not purchased in 12 months.
  11. ^ I think it's because of fraud issues - you could also try the global boutique.
  12. hi ayla, where is the global boutique?
  13. Are purchase histories from Saks, NM, Nordstrom, etc., also logged I'm the main LV database?
  14. where is the global boutique? and fraud prevention is a bunch of baloney, they have security checks on credit cards and insurance.
  15. I think it might also have to do with the "inventory tension" they are experiencing right now. Maybe they want to maintain stock for the stores?

    On that note, though, I was allowed to do a charge-hold when I visited my local store. How far is H-R from you? They might allow you to do the same thing.