Why won't Ebay stop sellers who are selling fakes??

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  1. I'm really annoyed about this....

    I got duped by a seller 123-captainkirk who sold me a supposed 'genuine' Mulberry bag for £300 + £14.50 postage. The 'genuine' bag turned out to be a horrendous fake.

    After battling with Paypal for over a week and meanwhile receiving unprovoked nasty and abusive mails from 123-captainkirk, I finally got my money back. Yey!

    BUT, I have complained this 123-captainkirk to Ebay many, many times in the past week for sending me abusive and nasty mails when I reported the item I received as SNAD.

    Ebay practically admitted they know that he has been selling fake items as they removed the listing by him for 'breaching policies', although unfortunately I had paid by that stage.

    It is also obvious that he has been scamming people for some time now...as he has sold many Mulberry bags...and now that I know a bit more about them, it is clear that he has sold fakes to everyone before me.

    I cannot understand why ebay won't get rid of this scammer!!!

    What does it take for Ebay to actually close someone's account??!!!

    I mean, this person can just continue to dupe other people again and again...and no doubt he will.

    I have tried e-mailing Ebay MANY times about him, reporting his items, reporting the abusive mails...and all I get back are standard impersonal letters from the Trust and Safety section of Ebay. I bet they don't even read them.

    It's maddening!!!! I just needed to vent. It annoys me to see this guy still out there able to dupe and con people whenever he wants.....
  2. I hate hearing about stuff like this, because even though YOU got your money back, someone else out there is still out of theirs. Ebay should have a strike policy or something - and a really strickt one at that, too!!! There is no way they should allow any type of selling fakes going on!!!
  3. Email his buyers and let them know he sold you a fake and theirs could be fake too. Maybe it's not too late for them to file a claim. Maybe that will stop him for a while!
  4. Ebay loves the money they get from the sales of all these fakes too much to seriously do anything...that is the sad truth.

  5. :yes:

  6. agree here.. none of us should give up on contacting ebay about

    sellers selling fake bags.. and contact whoever needs to be contacted

    to be made aware that fakes are being sold..
  7. Yes, we do need to keep up the effort.;)
  8. I am going through the EXACT SAME THING with this a-hole who tried to sell me a fake LV wallet--the authenticators here needed additional photos, he ignored my request because he (thought) he had already gotten my money and sure enough, the thing was a glued MESS! I got a refund within 24 hours but he's been sending me nastygrams ever since through eBay messaging, and when I advised eBay of such, they just responded with some form letter suggesting I "call the local P.D. if he threatens you with physical harm." Gee, really? :rolleyes:

    I could care less if he wants to whine about being exposed, but why is eBay letting him use their system to bother me about a matter they have already deemed closed and unappealable? If he were just writing to my email address I would send him directly to my junk folder where he belongs, but I can't send correspondance from eBay there. Why would they not only allow scammers to use them to try and scam people, but to harass them to boot? :mad: I am really thisclose to being done with my little adventure in online auction-land. Let the criminals have it . . .
  9. You would think that eBay would be more strict regarding the sale of counterfeit goods using it as a venue after the big lawsuit they lost not too long ago; however, eBay is incredibly greedy and would rather profit from seller fees than fight the problem. Unfortunately, eBay has become an incredibly untrustworthy site to buy from. Fakes are rampant, and all the counterfeit listings even state that the goods are authentic. There are a few of us here that report counterfeit listings multiple times daily, but they never seem to disappear.

    The fact is that eBay is quick to take your money as a seller, but they will not take action against counterfeit listings. They would much rather have active sellers who are paying fees to peddle their fake goods than do what is right - and LEGAL I might add. I personally will not buy on eBay any longer when it comes to designer goods, and I am considering swearing off that site altogether just on the basis that they are no good!

    I'm sorry to hear you got duped with a fake, but I am very glad that you got your money back! Perhaps if enough of us try to make a change with eBay, it will happen... Who knows..

  10. I just emailed everyone who is within the 45 days of buying one of his fake bags. I hope none of them get mad with me...but they should know the truth and fingers crossed this guy will get booted off Ebay and not be allowed to scam anyone else ever again!!
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    Oh wow! That is bold! Keep us updated on the responses you get!

  12. Well done! :tup:
  13. Yeah it is bold....these poor girls are oblivious to what they bought. i feel a bit guilty now...but I think I would feel more guilty if this guy got away with it again. Will keep you updated ladies...
  14. You should NOT feel guilty, and I guarantt, if you can "save" even one of these buyers, it will all be worth while!!!
  15. I think I have lost count of the number of fake Louis Vuitton I have reported, none of them were ever pulled....

    Just a few days ago I reported a Hermes Birkin, after having it confirmed fake in the Hermes authentication thread, but guess what, in a couple of hours some one will win the auction. There is 2 bids on it and it is over $1000.00 (Australian dollars)...

    But guess I tried, I feel sorry for the poor person who probably thinks they are getting a bargin, but when they find out, will have all the stress of trying to get their money back.