Why Women Drive With Two Hands & Men With Only One

  1. Cruising along with one hand on the wheel, he may look detached. But he isn't.

    Psychologists say that the average male driver only relaxes like this because he considers his car as a part of himself.

    Men drive with one hand because they are 'physically relaxed' at the wheel

    It takes a female driver to understand that her car is a separate entity - which means she is more likely to grip the wheel with both hands.
    Research has also found that men use chat about their cars as a way of expressing their own feelings.

    Co-author Dr Iain MacRury, of the University of East London, said: "Men talk about their cars as if talking about themselves.

    "Women are more comfortable expressing their feelings directly and see the car as separate. That's why women give names to their cars.

    "It's also why men drive with one hand on the steering wheel. They are physically relaxed as they think the car is part of them.

    "Women drive with two hands because they see the car as more 'detached'."
    The study noted where one-handed drivers preferred to put their spare hand.
    It found that 46 per cent of men rested it on the gear stick. Just 31 per cent of women did this.

    But although only 27 per cent of men put their spare hand in their lap, 39 per cent of women did.

    Co-author Dr Peter Marsh said: "Men hate talking about relationships. But the relationship they have with their car is different - because they identify with their cars.

    Women drive with both hands on the wheel because they see the car are more 'detached'

    "This is often demonstrated by genuine feelings of annoyance at the threat, or potential threat, of someone scratching or scraping the car. Affectionate patting of the steering wheel, car roof or dashboard, or glancing back as if to say goodbye, are also signs."
    The study - called The Secret Life of Cars and What They Reveal About Us - also found that motorists are four times more likely to sing on their way to work than on the way home.

    This is because they think of their car as a cocoon - "an extension of their shower or bath". Dr Marsh added: "People wouldn't sing on a bus or a train - but on their way to work in the morning there is a feeling of escapism.

    "Most people are gearing up for work at the beginning of the day. It is the last bit of me-time before they arrive at their workplace or desk.

    "This mood lends itself to singing, hence the dawn chorus observed during our research."
    On their way home, motorists are winding down and are more likely to be thinking about catching up with the news or their families, so sing less.

    Cup-holders were said to reveal a lot about a driver. Anyone who obsesses about them is likely to be a workaholic - not wanting to waste a minute.
    Dr MacRury added: "Generations ago, luxury cars would have picnic tables installed - now it's a cupholder.
    "Cupholders show you live a contemporary executive lifestyle - that your time is precious."

    The colour of our cars is also changing. After a decade in which black, silver, blue and grey have dominated, drivers are switching to "expressive" colours such as neon pink, the researchers added.
    Their report, commissioned by BMW, is to be used to help plan and design future models.

    Ray Massy : For The Dailymail
  2. Interesting Prada, I drive like a man LOL Don't know what that says about me LOL
    Have always been at ease at the wheel & did some rallying maybe that's why LOL
    I don't sing while driving it is my thinking time!
    Used to drive a red BMW saloon now a boring dark blue X3 LOL, Wish I still had the Times article (I would post, gave a rundown on all the cars & implications) that said that said lady drivers of red BMW cars were real sex sirens LOL seems I lost that somewhere along the way LOL
  3. My Husband & I, thought the article to be highly entertaining ! But, I think I mainly drive with two hands. Unless, I really know where I'm going.... :roflmfao:
  4. I drive with one hand. Actually one of my guy friends complimented me on how well I drive with one hand!
  5. I do drive with both hands--at one and eleven, usually. And I tend to scoot my seat far to the front, and I've been known to lean forward when I drive. LMAO. The BF tells me I look crazy sitting that way. His seat is always very far back.

    Not only do I drive with two hands; I drive with two feet. Most people seem to think that's odd, though. I'm the only person I know who always uses one foot for the brakes, and one foot for the gas. I find using only one foot to be extremely frustrating. My dad taught me to drive, and I couldn't learn using only one foot.
  6. Interesting.

    I drive w/ one hand! And its always at the top of the wheel!
  7. I drive with one hand too. Wonder what that means?
  8. ^Me too. I think I only drove with 2 hands the first week or so I started driving.. after that, it was all one hand driving.
  9. The only time I drove with 2 hands was when I had to take the driving test when I was 16. I always drive one-handed. And I have a varitey of places I put my free hand, not always in my lap.

    Plus I love my car, I grew up around cars, in fact I helped my dad build his 1976 Vega. Most guys think it's funny and a little scary that I know more about cars than they do. I wouldn't be able to rebuild an engine by myself, but I know my way around under the hood of a car.

    My mom thinks it funny that I know A LOT MORE about cars than my fh!!!!!!:p
  10. I didn't really start driving one-handed until I got a stick shift...now I keep one hand on the stick a lot more often than not.

    I am amused at the whole "guys have a relationship with their cars" combined with the "guys see cars as an extention of themselves"... so they're having a relationship with themselves?? Conceited b*stards, aren't they? :roflmfao:

    THAT explains why the cars sometimes get the bling before GF, eh? :girlsigh:
  11. Most of the time I drive with my right hand on the steering wheel, and my left hand rests on my lap with only Tom-Thumb and Peter-Pointer holding the wheel. Two o'clock Right, Seven o'clock Left:p But when it comes to a roundabout turning, I'll make sure both my hands are firmly on the wheel as in Right-2 Left-9:sweatdrop:
  12. one-hand driving gal most of the times, except when i am tired. it led my husband to be totally amazed by my driving. :smile:. I guess I am a daddy's girl when it comes to driving. i catch myself often copying my father's habits behind the wheel.
  13. that's an interesting article...i used to drive two handed until i got my most recent car...now i find i drive left hand on the wheel and right on the gear shaft (it's an automatic too!). i'm constantly trying to tell myself to drive with two hands cos i feel like it's safer that way! wonder why i switched with this car?
  14. I drive with two hands because that's how I was taught to drive. Then again, I'm still a new driver. My dad drives with one hand.
  15. i drive with one hand. i'm very attached to my car :smile: