Why! Why! Why!

  1. I learned my lesson never to hesitate when I want a specific B-Bag!!!

    When I was at Holts on Sat I found the most beautiful matte, thick, squishy black twiggy. The leather was amazing and it was the only one in the whole store that didnt have shiny leather! I didnt go in for a twiggy, wanted something bigger so I passed it up.

    I couldnt stop thinking about it, so I went in yesterday with every intension on buying it and it was gone!!!! Im so sad. My new brief is so shiny and plasticy I cant stand it. I cant wait to get my LMB to hopefully soften it up.

    Lesson learned. Never Hesitate!!:crybaby:
  2. If you're hesitating there is obviously something inside of you telling you that's not the bag for you. When you see it you won't have to think about it and it will be so worth it. So don't beat yourself up about it.
  3. I know how you feel. I used to be an impulse buyer but not anymore :sad: and I don't know why... I keep loosing the best deals just because I need time to think about it.... :cursing: oh well, hung up there, LMB product will make your bag just the way you want it ;) :heart:
  4. *sigh* I hear you on the hesitation.... I held back trying to decide on whether to take the plunge on a bag that I loved in the pictures, but hadn't seen in real life....:sad: I waitted too long to make a decision and someone scooped it up....

    Now, I will probably be obssessed until I find one again....
  5. Aww I'm so sorry to hear that...:sad: I'm sure LMB will work its magic!
    Next time you see sometime you love - don't hesitate, as long as there's a good return policy ;)
  6. I only hesitated because in my mind I went in to buy a BIG bag. So I was just trying to be a good girl by not buying two.

    I wouldnt have returned the Brief......I wanted both! Holt's is the only place that sells B-bags here and they are ALWAYS so shiny. It's so rare to find one here that is soft and smooshy.

    Oh well, live and learn. Now I have to go back for that Aubergine Chloe I have on hold.....sorry wrong forum I know.:shrugs:
  7. I know the feeling, SpecialK. The good news is, black Twiggys are made every season, so you are likely to soon find another one.
    Like Myriamrees, I used to be an impulse shopper, and found the one of the most efficient ways to curb my spending was to stop buying on impulse - that it's better to regret something I didn't buy than something I did.
  8. Impulse is my middle name :shame:
  9. K, I've learned that patience pays off in the end. Black is made every season so chances are, you will find the perfect one soon :yes:
  10. Sorry to hear that !! But you WILL find one that is right for you !!:yes: