Why, Why, Why?? Drives me NUTS!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Why is it when you go to Neiman Marcus, Saks, etc, they have "Salons" for Fendi, Prada, Chanel, etc with all of the inventory proudly displayed, but, when it comes to Balenciaga, they usually have a few representative bags out and if you are looking for something in particular, you have to track down an SA? Do they not realize that this probably reduces sales considerably? :shrugs: I happen to be guilty of impulse buying and don't always go into the store wanting something in particular. Those little displays by the grocery store check out were put there for me, I just know it!!! I have a junk drawer full of pens with travel games attached, magnifying credit cards with flashlights that would come in super handy in a dark restaurants and travel toothbrushes in a zillion fun colors although I rarely travel anywhere and when I do, I almost ALWAYS forget my toothbrush. :shrugs: Anyhow, why the big mystery? Is that a marketing technique? Why not put the SA's in long overcoats thoughout the store with all of the bags under their coats? They could approach you with a "psst, lady, over here". Then they could flash you their goods!!!! :graucho: LOL! Same with BalNY. If any of you ladies and gents have been there. Whats with the bat cave with what I'm sure is astonomical rent and 5 handbags on display?? :confused1: I truly think they just love to subject everyone to the notorious "eye roll" when you request to see something from the back room. The thing is, I would like to know what all of my options are before I make the decision to drop 1K plus on a bag. So....I think when we go to NYC in May, I will look for my favorite SA :wtf: and tell her I would like to see EVERYTHING in the back room :nuts: . I'll tell her "I will just sit here on this rock while you get them" - "No rush, I have all weekend". :wlae: Sheesh!!!!
  2. OMG

    Here I am with a touch of insomnia and your post made me laugh out loud!!! I live on the opposite coast from the batcave but i wondered the same thing when I was there last summer. Personally I think they think it helps encourage sales ( how guilty do you feel when you request them to make the trek to the back room five different times for five different bags and walk out with nothing? you feel you need to at least drop 265 on a coin purse for all the exertion you just put your SA through LOL) I think they have it a bit wrong becuase for us visually oriented people, having inventory out would help DRAMATICALLY in making sales since I tend to forget about things if they arent directly in front of me. Plus I'm picky and specific about the type of leather I like and last summer the five bags I was shown just werent cutting it, leatherwise. I REALLY wanted to just go back there myself..., but spent a lot of awkward time waiting on a rock making small talk with my bf about the one bag we had in front of us ...LOL
  3. It's crazy, right? :confused1: Is there anyone else out there who likes to see all of their options right in front of them? It's like going to a buffet, but all of the food is in the back. The waitress says tell me what you want and I will tell you if we have it?!?!?! Umm....Tater tots perhaps?? :wtf: I just don't know until I see it!!! :shrugs: Come on Balenciaga, get those bags out there!!!! :woohoo:
  4. How about that NM in Orlando that kept ALL the Balenciaga bags in drawers, and the customer wouldn't even know they were there unless they asked about Balenciaga!!! Now, that NM no longer carries Balenciaga (due to lack of sales, no doubt) !!!
  5. OMG! Too funny! I can just picture you "sitting on a rock" waiting while she brings out a gazillion bags!
  6. NM San Francisco was like being in Handbag Heaven!! I could have wandered around there for HOURS!!!
  7. LOL. My first sighting of bal bags in person was recently at Saks in New Orleans. I was at the checkout all set to buy my sandstone city, when the SA said she was going to go in the back and see if there was another one instead of giving me the display model. I told her I really liked the leather on this bag and didn't want another one. But then I thought to ask her if she had any other city style bags in the back in other colors (specifically, I was looking for vert gazon). She came out with an aqua (?!!!!!!) city. IN THE BACK! :confused1: How can they ever expect to sell it if no one knows it's there?! So I gave up my sandstone to buy the aqua. But I agree. There was such a little area where Bal bags were on display, they could at least put all of them out.
  8. I think the balenciaga buyers are somewhat responsible for their lack of display. They really need to push to have their own salons (split the cost), or at least get a little bit of the display table.

    Personally, I had to ASK for balenciaga bags at my local NM. They were all in the stock room!

    Sales figures have a lot to do with display space. Balenciaga could be such a niche brand that despite our enthusiasm, it still pales in sales comparison to other boring brands.
  9. i agree...
    it's been much better since they set up the "salon,"
    even though they still keep some bags in the back...

    when i went there last week, the sa pulled out a aquamarine giant traveler from the back...
    after i was oohing and aahing it, she said "maybe i should put this in the display case..."

    before NM set up the salon, it was a nightmare...
    they only had a few bbags on the floor, and they keep moving them around...
    so annoying...
  10. I was in my NM not too long ago, and asked if they had a particular bbag. The SA slid open two big drawers stuffed to the gils with bbags. They were all just shoved in there like they were 50-cents each. They'd rather pile them in a drawer than display them??? Bag abuse!
  11. Purse-Ooooh that was one of the best posts I have ever read in this forum! You hit the nail right on the head about the NY store so I usually look in Barneys first.
  12. This is a great thread!!!~ and so funny too!!!

    I was at Barney's last night and I said, "You don't have any weekenders?" and the SA said , "Oh~ YES WE DO!"~ so I said, "where are they?" So, she says~ "they're in the back~ they're way to big to put out on the floor!". (Meanwhile they have the couriers hanging all over the place~ I condsider those big bags too) I was like WTF~how would one know they were for sale being in the back room? How do they expect to sell them? She also asked what colors I wanted to see!!! LOL The question I had was~ "how am I supposed to know what colors you have?" Do I have esp?:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    I also was looking all over the store to check out what day bags they had with reg hardware. I almost walked out thinking they only had the day bags with the GH. Last minute I asked if she had a day with reg hardware~ good thing I asked b/c they were hidden in the back room too.:wtf:
  13. i agree...the old bal display wasn't the greatest at first...wasn't it just a counter w/ a few select bbags behind glass before? after nm sf remodelled, they have a much more enticing display, open shelves top to bottom w/ bbags we can touch and try on. i was blown away...never saw so many bbags all in one glance. :nuts:
  14. LOL. BATCAVE!! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    i just choked on the rice that i'm eating over here...

    i have never been to the famed batcave, but i'm not liking the sound of it based on what i've read in this forum. i want to see it all! i guess i'm lucky that when i'm in the states i have neiman marcus SF available - i mean, the bbag CAVE OF WONDERS.
  15. BATCAVE!:roflmfao:

    BBAG CAVE OF WONDERS! :roflmfao:

    you guys crack me up.. :lol: